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Book Review-Out of Time-Dave Sinclair

Friday, June 23, 2023

While pursuing a really bad guy in the 21st century England-the bad guy turns around and pushes a button--green smoke appears and suddenly Atticus, an M16 guy, is in 1960 England!

He is befriended by a guy who happens to work for M16 and he ends up working for them. He is not exactly accepted and it takes him to find the mole within the M16 group with a mismatched group of misfits. He is also looking for the guy from the 21st century.

You will never guess who the mole turns out to be. Does he finally find the 21st century bad guy--will he go back to his own century--You really have to read this fast paced novel to find out!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Atticus Wolfe is a man out of time.

November 1963

As an MI6 spy in 1963, Atticus Wolfe should be enjoying everything the swinging sixties has to offer. But he’s not.

That’s because Atticus Wolfe is from the 21st century.

Accidentally torn from present day and flung into 1960s London in the midst of a cultural revolution, Atticus must acclimatise to a time not his own.

Although he's shocked by bigotry decades out of step with his sensibilities, not everything is unfamiliar – like finding a mole inside MI6.

Atticus must take down a clandestine Soviet agent on the front lines of the Cold War, hunt the terrorist who inadvertently sent him back in time and maybe, just maybe, find a way home.

A fast-paced adventure with whip smart dialogue and twists you won’t see coming, Out of Time is like no spy story you’ve read before.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Dave is a USA Today bestselling author, screenwriter and a really excellent parallel parker. Author of the Atticus Wolfe, Charles Bishop & Eva Destruction novels and snarky Post-It notes.

The three series have different main characters, but do manage to slip into each other’s series now and then.

Dave spends a lot of time in his imaginary world and ignoring the washing.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two crazy daughters.

He’s also an award winning filmmaker. A title that sounds much more impressive than it really is. He won a best comedy screenplay and cinematography award for one of the short films he wrote and directed, though at the time he didn’t really know what cinematography was. A completed screenplay is currently doing the rounds.

Dave’s overflowing bookshelves include many works by Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse, Dashiel Hammet, Raymond Chandler, Janet Evanovich, Ian Flemming, Zadie Smith and John le CarrĂ©.

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