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Book Review-A Highlander's Captive-Aileen Adams

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

I am a definite fan of Scottish Historical Romances--which by now I think you may have realized. You just have to love those Highland Hunks and the lasses who get them around their little fingers!! I am sure you will enjoy this one!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Rufus MacIntosh wants his family’s birthright back. He’s fought wars and his own personal demons. Time to claim what is his family’s. More specifically, his brother’s. And so, bringing friends and allies, he takes back what is his family’s. The lands are theirs again. Except now, Rufus discovers his brother has abandoned the birthright, the land, all of this. He’s headed to new lands and new worlds.

Rufus should be relieved, he’s no longer responsible for any of it. He can walk away from their ancestral lands. He’s not sure if he wants to.

Davina MacFarland never claimed she was an angel. She certainly isn’t a common thief, even though she’s related to one, now that her brother took Rufus McIntosh’s lands. She shouldn’t have been involved. She really shouldn’t. But now there’s been a scuffle and she’s the captive of that damned Rufus MacIntosh. But she can hold her own. Or can she?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

I have not found a bio for Aileen Adams. I only found her on Amazon and Goodreads

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