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FOREO Skin Care Tools GA-1-US Ends 5/24

Thursday, May 12, 2022

FOREO Skin Care Tools Giveaway
May 11-24, 2022
Open to USA

I definitely have been noticing changes in my skin-especially in my face. I have been lucky so far-but now that I am 71 (yikes when did that happen!) it is time for me to consider what I should do to keep my skin healthy. You should not wait this long-trust me on this. These skin care tools will help keep your skin healthy and youthful looking! One lucky winner will get their choice of one of the products shown. So keep scrolling and reading to learn more about these skin care tools and then don't forget to ENTER!

When your skin care routine lacks, skin quality can show it, too. It happens not immediately. Rather, you wake up one morning and see your different self in the mirror. That's when all the bells and whistles go off.

But don't fret! You are not alone in this world. With more information, facts that are backed up by clinical studies, and self-research, you can and should continue on the life-long journey with your skin.

Besides, there are some smart skin care tools you can use in the comfort of your home. FOREO has been designing and developing smart tech for skin care routines.

FOREO Smart Skin Care Tools

Foreo LUNA 3 is a powerful cleansing tool. With the mini silicone bristles, your skin will be free of dirt and pathogens 99.5% as per the clinical study they've done for it!

Foreo BEAR tool is for your skin to get tighter and more contoured. Microcurrent you apply with the two nodes will do the work, you just add 2-3 minutes of your personal time to this procedure. Use your favorite cream, lotion or serum during this skin treatment.

Foreo UFO is nothing, but the dream come true. To be more precise, the spa quality treatments come to the convenience of your home. Choose any mask from hydrating to feeding your skin and push a button on this beauty tech device. Within a couple of minutes, you are ready for the world to see you glowing and beautiful as ever, plus added benefits to your skin health.

Prize – Choose Your Favorite Smart Tech FOREO Device

Whatever your current skin care needs are, choose your most-admired or needed FOREO tool. Cleanse the skin with LUNA, and then follow up with BEAR micro current treatment.

When you need a quick skin treatment for a photo or a party or any other occasion, UFO beauty-tech power mask would be most appropriate.

You have a chance to enter to win your own FOREO smart tech tool or check them out for more details and features HERE.

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Jennifer Blank said...

I now swear by dermarolling. I usually stick with .25mm and with regular use I have seen my pores shrink and improvement with scars. Its a slow process but stick with it and you will see the magic! Always finish up with a decent glow serum for instant gratifying results!

Alisa said...

Toner and cotton balls and something rough for exfoliating

Chocolate Mami said...

I use clay mask for deep exfoliating.

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