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I'm Worried for the Children

Monday, August 9, 2021

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Not all children have parents who can help them learn at home. Others don't have computers or even if they do their parents may not be able to afford internet prices or how to use a computer themselves. Then there are the kids who through no fault of their own are homeless, and in many cases hungry as well. With the Covid pandemic literally hitting every country in the world--what is going to happen to the youngsters of this generation?

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Every day I read about schools opening then closing--about whether they should wear masks or not if the school is open--how to keep them safe? Learning via internet is not going to work for some of the kids-whether or not they have a "disability". Not all children learn in the same way. Home schooling, if the parents are capable and have had a good education themselves, could be part of the answer. But what about socialization?

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Children need to learn how to get along with others--and that happens mostly at school. Whether it is in the school playground or after sports activities or play dates it sets the stage of how they will react as adults (at least in my opinion).

I often wonder how this Covid generation of children world wide will grow up-and I worry about it. Do you often wonder what will happen in the years to come?

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Fiddlin' Dandi said...

Yes, I definitely worry about the future our children are facing.

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