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Book Review-A Dog With Two Tales-Ellen Riggs

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ivy wants out of her job and the city! She wants a country life with a farm and animals. Then she see an adorable dog chained up in a yard. She befriends him-brings him food and water every day. She wants to save him from this life and does ask the owner--he is NOT cooperative and orders her off his property!

Well that did not stop Ivy--much to her friend Jills distress. Then one day she was playing with him and the owner came back unexpectedly-----All I am going to say is this is one highly intelligent dog! The owner ends up in jail--and the start of a GREAT, FUN series begins!!

You will love it like I did and I am looking forward to reading more of this series!!!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Rescuing this pup could bring her a whole new life… if it doesn’t kill her first.

Ivy Galloway doesn’t know how desperate she is to escape the big city and her human resources job until she meets a border collie pup in need of rescue, too. In recent years, Ivy has downsized so many staff that her boss nicknamed her “the grim reaper.” Is it time to leave that behind and go home to bucolic Clover Grove?

First, she’ll need to save the pup she calls “Keats.” Enlisting her best friend Jilly, she confronts the dog’s deadbeat owner with logic, humor and professional courtesy. When her best HR skills fall flat, conservative Ivy starts breaking the rules. The clever dog digs in to help by unearthing a chilling clue that could put his owner away for good.

Can Ivy, Jilly and Keats evade a genuine grim reaper long enough to gain a new leash on life in the country?

This short prequel to the Bought-the-Farm Mystery series is a fun page-turner for lovers of animals, humor and spunky amateur sleuths.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Ellen Riggs was obsessed with animals of all kinds from an early age and really wanted to become a veterinarian. Her sketchy math skills suggested she'd be far better off WRITING about animals.

Visit Ellen's website at to sign up for her newsletter. Some people say she's a hoot and she thinks it's a compliment. She knows her pet photos are quite impressive for someone so technology-challenged.

Ellen has written books under other pen names, but the Bought-the-Farm cozy mystery series is turning out to be the most fun. As a bonus, she can have all the pets she wants on her fictional hobby farm. In real life, she's limited to a couple of dogs and an imaginary cat.

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