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Do You Use Delivery Services More these Days?

Friday, February 19, 2021

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I am not sure if it is because of the pandemic, or the erratic weather we have been having where I live--or maybe it is just because I am getting older-but I find I am having more and more items shipped to me and delivered to (hopefully) in front of my apartment door. Sometimes I have to drag my shopping cart down to the mailroom--at least we have an elevator!

I generally only have the heavy or bulky items delivered. Things like canned goods, items in heavy glass jars or a case of Sparkling Ice or water. I even used one of the services to deliver tax forms that I needed for one or two of my clients! The stores that sold them were actually closed because of the pandemic when I needed those forms!

I still go to the supermarket to get fresh meat and deli. Although lately I have been getting that deli they have shrink wrapped. My cat insists on a piece of turkey or ham--and I LOVE cheese. I generally only depart the store with one bag full which I can manage to carry! I go to the store for one or two items--well you know how that goes!!

I have been noticing more and more prepared food services lately on Facebook and in my email. I have gone in to check them out. I have one major problem--I am single and they all have it set up for a minimum of two people. Well maybe someday I'll try one--

Do you find you are usung more delivery services these days?

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