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Took the plunge

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Since I last wrote about audio books--I took the plunge--I have actually listened to two of them-both were really good and now I am hoping to find the time to listen to more! (Inbetween all the ebooks I read and will continue to read!!)

I listened to Anna Celeste Burke's A Dead Husband first-then one by Dianne Harman-Murder and High Rollers. Both were highly enjoyable! The narrator's superb!!

Since I had previously read both the above books I am having trouble finding links to send you to Amazon or Audible! But if you go to Amazon and then search for the above book names (you may find it easier to put in the authors name as well) then click on all versions--you will find them!!

And once again here is a new facebook group for cozy mystery audiobook lovers. You may find some of the authors have coupons they may be able to send you and or giveaways etc etc etc.

Cozy Mystery Audiobook Lovers

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JAMES said...

I`ve read these books too and I like it. You have a great taste, I would like to read some books from your list. I`m concerned about my personal data and don`t want strangers to have and use it. To avoid this I use this and don`t worry at all

Dianne Harman said...

Thank you so much! Glad you liked them.

Anna Celeste Burke said...

Thanks so much for sharing about our new Facebook Group for Audiobook lovers--and for the kind words about A Dead Husband! It's great to hear you enjoyed it in audio and eBook formats. xx

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