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Book Review-Mind in the Clouds (The Mind Sleuth Series Book 2) -Bruce M. Perrin

Friday, March 1, 2019

Every time I think about driverless cars I find myself saying no way I could handle that. Well this novel even takes it further then cars--try to imagine drones that have no operator--when they will be used by the armed forces!! Nightmares are made of this in my opinion--

Well, read what could happen when operators are taken out of the picture--or are they?

Can artificial intelligence be trusted not to take over-Can humans be trusted not to abuse it?

This novel will make you think twice about driverless ANYTHING-------

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Recently graduated and newly hired Ruger-Phillips employee, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price is excited to be starting his new assignment. He will be assessing training developed for a team. It is, however, a team like no other, because only one of the team members is human; the other is one of the most intelligent and lethal systems ever built by man – the Joint Aerial Combat Capability or JACC. Loaded with the latest in detection and threat assessment technology, JACC is a silent, deadly hunter in the sky. Doc discovers, however, that JACC may not be the only killer on the remote, Nevada test range where he now finds himself. Soon, he is involved in a cat and mouse game with an unknown adversary. In this fight for his life and the lives of his friends, Doc asks himself, how do you match wits with the mind in the clouds, when you are not sure if you are facing the cold, exact logic of machine intelligence or the coldblooded urges of a human murderer?

Mind in the Clouds is book #2 in the Mind Sleuth Series. It is not necessary to read book #1 in order to understand this novel. The story in this book is standalone. There are a little less than 4 pages (the second chapter) that provide a transition from book #1, but otherwise, there is no shared plot.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Bruce Perrin has been writing for more than 20 years, although you will find most of that work only in professional technical journals or conference proceedings. But, after completing a PhD in Industrial Psychology and a career in psychological R&D, he is now applying his background and fascination with technology and the human mind to writing novels. Besides writing, Bruce likes to tinker with home automation and is an avid hiker, logging nearly 2,500 miles each year in the first two years of Fitbit ownership. When he is not on the trails, he lives with his wife in St. Louis, MO. For a closer look at his writing life, book reviews, and progress on his upcoming works, please join him at

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