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Casio LK-265 Lighted Keys Keyboard GA-1-US-Ends 11/30

Monday, November 20, 2017

Win a Casio LK-265 Lighted Keys Keyboard

Sponsored by Casio

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Do you have an aspiring musician in your family? Or maybe you would really like to learn to play? Well Casio has made it really simple. The keys will light up when the note should be played. Music will resound through your house played by you or by your children. They will love this. One of my friend's son's had something similar years ago (without the lighted keyboard) and he would not stop playing!!

This Christmas you can give the gift of music. What an amazing present this Lighted Keys Keyboard will make wrapped up under the tree with a big bow on it. This keyboard can help a new player learn how to play with the lighted keys that show you the way, or help an experienced player try their hand at making their own dance music.

About Casio's LK-265 Lighted Keys Keyboard

This Keyboard has:
  • 400 High-quality Tones
  • 150 Fun Rhythms
  • Built in speakers
  • Connection for Headphones
  • 61 Full size keys that are touch sensitive, and react to your playing dynamics
  • Casio's Key Lighting System- it illuminates keys to show which noted to play
  • 60 Built in songs
  • Dance Music Mode- lets you create and remix dance music
  • 50 styles OF EDM, with variations of drum beats, bass lines, and synth parts
  • Connects to your iOS or Android device to use the free Chordana Play app.
  • Battery power, and included AC adapter


K.Pugh said...

I don't play very well. A few basic songs I was taught as a kid.
Thanks for the chance.

Elizabeth Tarlow said...

I personally do not play very well, but my Grandson is learning, and is very interested in playing!

shirley said...

I do npy play well at all. I have a granddaughter that can.

Stephanie Shipley said...

I don't play very well at all, but my son wants to learn how to play.

Anonymous said...

I took lessons when I was little however, I just didn't learn to read music and just memorized the song. My oldest son is great at it though.

Edna Williams said...

I, personally, do not play.

Unknown said...

I only know a couple of simple children's songs.I and my children would really enjoy learning to play on this.

Alexandra Y said...

I can't play at all but my son has taken lessons for 2 years.

hhkaufman78 said...

I don't play it very well, but my kids want to learn.

Anita said...

I can't play at all

Trim girl said...

No as good as i would like

Unknown said...

My son would love this!!

Jessica Gipson said...

I'm good but my hubby is better at playing the piano.

Rebecca_0 said...

I am a very interested beginner. Wish I played better but possibly with more practice.

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