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#Ad My Cat Loves WHAT?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I have a pretty picky cat when it comes to food. She sticks up her nose at most cat foods (she has about two that she will partially eat) and most human food. If she is lying on her chair (see above) which is on the way back from the kitchen to my bedroom--and more important to her I assume--is within direct eye sight and a relatively short jump, for her at least, of the front door (I am not allowed to escape without her knowledge!).

If I go get myself something to eat--I have to let her take a quick sniff--9 times out of 10 she gives me a funny look--are you really going to eat that? If it is something she likes and wants me to SHARE--she'll jump down and follow me. BUT when she really wants what I have--the paw is stretched out and an attempt is made to hold me in place! I am pretty good at escaping this maneuver. But she is even quicker to get to where ever I am headed with this particular product.

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I kid you not--Baby--for better or for worse--whether or not they are good for her or not--DO NOT TRY TO KEEP HER FROM RITZ CRACKERS! Luckily I happen to love them as well.

What weird food does your cat or dog or other pet like?

As an Amazon affiliate I will get a small commission if a purchase is made
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Gladys Parker said...

We had a bird once that would eat corn flakes with my son. If it was any other kind he would fly back to his cage area. For the corn flakes he would sit close by then hop up on the edge of his bowl to pick at what my son left. It wasn't the most sanitary thing but my son would get so excited! The old boy I have now just sits and watches until I give him some, if not he lays down with a big dog frump sound.

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