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$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery 3 Book Series-Anna Celeste Burke-Ends 7/14

Monday, June 12, 2017

You don't want to miss reading this series by Anna Celeste Burke--and right now the first 3 in the series are bundled into one box set. You can find my reviews of Books 4 and 5 below as well. She is currently working on Book 6 and hopes it will be out by Christmas. Not that they have to be read in any particular order! I am still missing the 1st book in the series but you can read my reviews of the next 2 by clicking the links below. One of her brand new bookss will be featured in Summer Whodunnits: Six Midsummer Cozy Mysteries-6 GREAT Authors-Ends 6/26 (giveaway can be found here-but it is just for $25 Amazon/PP-the pre-order price is also .99 until publish date of 6/25

There are plenty of twists and turns in both books I read in this series as well as some belly laughs. Of course madcap mayhem follows Georgie Shaw as she tries to keep up with her own personal life and that of Mad Max--the genius creator of Marvelous Marley World. Of course one never knows what Mad Max will do next and his mood swings keep everyone jumping! Murders abound and the culprits must be found without alerting the people visiting the park. Georgie is management--but she is also kind of in charge of food (she started at Marvelous Marley World in the kitchen)--the recipes--ah yes--the recipes!!

About the Book (from Amazon)

Fun, food, cats, and mystery--a second chance romance, too! Read the first three novellas in the Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series. Here's a message for you from Georgie:

"Welcome to my world--Marvelous Marley World! It's not always so marvelous at the 'cat factory,' an entertainment empire founded on the incredible success of Catmmando Tom, a cartoon cat. There's never a dull moment 'working for the cat,' as we like to say around here. Sometimes that's because of my boss, 'Mad' Max Marley who can't always curb his enthusiasm or his blustery temper. He knows that. I've told him enough times. I have to give him credit, though, Max always goes for the gold, aiming for five-star entertainment, hotels, and cuisine. Trained as a chef, I'm there to back him up about the food, even now that I'm a member of management.

A creative genius, Max Marley is Walt Disney, and Dr. Seuss rolled into one. Catmmando Tom is only one of the fantastical characters that inhabit Marvelous Marley World. Life is often stranger than fiction, though, isn't it? Some of the most outrageous characters around here are the real ones. The most intriguing stories aren't always the ones created by our movie studios.

Come! Join me for all the mayhem, mystery, and even murder. Get to know Jack Wheeler, the handsome detective who walks into my life under the most unusual circumstances. Meet my Siamese cats, Miles and Ella. Food, too! Recipes included. Cheers! Georgie Shaw"

What's in this box set? (click the link to see my reviews!!)

Murder at Catmmando Mountain Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #1 (I really have to get this one and read it!
Love Notes in the Key of Sea Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #2
All Hallows' Eve Heist Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #3

More in this series:
A Merry Christmas Wedding Mystery #4
Murder at Sea of Passenger X #5

Book #6 Murder of the Maestro will hopefully be out by Christmas!



About the Author: (from Amazon)

To get a free eBook, copy & paste the link: http://www.desertcitiesmystery.com Join me!

Life is an extravaganza! figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge.

On my way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop-out I had met in San Diego and married in Tijuana, I was nabbed by the police as a runaway. When the police let me go and the rock band broke up, my husband and I had to find another way to survive. Our next stop: Disney World where we trained to be chefs, courtesy of the Walt Disney World University. A GED for my husband and many more years of education landed us in academia at The Ohio State University. Retired now from my role as a professor in social work and behavioral science, I have picked up a long-time interest in writing fiction. I'm still married to the same sweet guy and live with him in the Palm Springs area. In addition to reading and writing fiction, I enjoy painting, hiking, hanging out with my handsome husband and tending to my Siamese kitties.

An award-winning and bestselling author I enjoy snooping into life's mysteries with fun, fiction, & food—California style! My books include the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series set in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, the Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery series set on California’s Central Coast, and The Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery series set in Orange County, California--the OC. Coming soon: The Misadventures of Betsy Stark also set here in the Coachella Valley. Find out more at http://www.desertcitiesmystery.com

If you go to her website this author also does a lot of giveaways for her own books as well as in collaboration with other authors.

Author's Website
Google +
Author's Amazon Page

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Michelle Li said...

To be honest I do not remember reading.... my memory is poor.

Marti Tabora said...

I haven't read any of her books, but I would like to start at the beginning and read Murder at Catmmando Mountain. I really love a good mystery. Thank you.

Sara said...

I have not read any of this author's books yet. I might want to read Cowabunga Christmas.

Peggy Hyndman said...

I've read and loved all of Anna Celeste Burkes' books.

CJ said...

No I haven't read any of Ms. Burke's books yet... Cowabunga Christmas looks so cute, I'd like to try that one! :)

wigget said...

I haven't read any of then but might look into peril in Paxton park

Dianne Casey said...

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read any of Anna's books yet. I would like to start with "Murder at Catammando Mountain".

Dianne Casey said...

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read any of Anna's books yet. I would like to start with "Murder at Catammando Mountain".

Kathleen Kendler said...

I have read Cowabunga Christmas and Gnarly New Year. I have 6 others to read. I would like to try Heinous Habits. Thank-you for the chance.

Deborah B. said...

I haven't read any of Anna's books yet. I have one, All Hallows' Eve Heist, on my TBR list but I can't read it until I've read the others in the series. I am OCD about reading everything in order LOL. Doesn't matter if it's a series or not. I have to read the books in the order they were written. That way you see how the author grows as a writer and how their writing style changes over time.

Donna Wolz said...

I've read all of the Corsario Cove books--including Heinous Habits and all of the Georgie Shaw books. I own all of the Jessica Huntington books but haven't had a chance to read them.

Becky Richardson said...

This is a new author for me. I would love to read Cowabunga Christmas.

Amanda said...

I have pre-ordered the set and look forward to reading it! I have a few of her other books on my Kindle that I haven't read yet.

Linda Herold said...

I love her books and have read a few!
Loved her cat story! Been there but not around my computer luckily!!

BKD said...

I read her, first, in a homocide anthology, then went to her amazon page and looked. Actually had won some amazon gc $ and after reading through the first book on kindle unlimited stopped and went to my account and bought all the books out at the time, and afterwards pre-ordered the others so to date have read all the books in all 3 series, inclduing the one that is currently only available at this time in the summer collection.

Shannon Molloy said...

Thank you for the giveaway! I'm reading Murder at Catmmando Mountain and really liking it!

Jeanineit'sme said...

I'm really looking forward to reading Heinous Habits!

Margaret Appel said...

I have read several of Anna Celeste Burke's books. I am most looking forward to reading All Hallow's Eve Heist.

bn100 said...

haven't read any

Mya Murphy said...

I'm totally new to this author, but love checking out new ones.

Heidi Carlson-Reid said...

I have actually read all of the books in the series. I have enjoyed them and would definitely recommend this great cozy mystery writer!

Anonymous said...

Sheila Siarkiewicz says: I have only read one of her books...Murder at Sea of Passenger X. I enjoyed reading it and would like to read more of the Georgie Shaw cozy mysteries.

tarafarah7 said...

I'm a huge fan of Anna Celeste Burke! Her books are fabulous, and I own about half if them!! I'm most looking forward to reading All Hallows' Eve Heist Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #3. Thank you for having this giveaway and for the chance! :-)

Diane Rodriguez said...

I have not read any books yet but I would love to read All Hallows' Eve Heist.

amy guillaume linderman said...

haven't read any of them yet! i want to read All Hallows EveHeist! sounds like a great series

NRNMG said...

I have not read these books but I do love cozy mysteries and am intrigued by the stories. Sounds like a great series. Thanks for the opportunity.

Natalie said...

I have not read any of her books yet but I would love to read Murder at Catmmando Mountain.

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