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What Day is Today?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I am losing the days and probably my mind--I am losing it TOTALLY. Too much going on I guess. Here is what I have been dealing with since the beginning of the year----

1. My 94 year young Mom is getting old. She can barely walk and I won't tell you what I went through getting her to get 2 walkers--one for in her apartment -the other for downstairs. Let's not mention that I am petrified that she insists that she can make those stairs!!! (She does-but very slowly) Oh yeah--she was in the hospital again where they told us she had congestive heart failure--which it turns out she did not!! She had managed to dehydrate again. When she catches a virus she just lies in bed and doesn't move--doesn't drink and doesn't bother to get up and take her meds. Her pituitary has never worked and she has to take cortisone every day---or everything gets worse. Now--tomorrow--(Monday) I have to take her to a doctor appt where they will tell us if she can get a hip replacement (which is why they say she can't walk and why her knee hurts). She is in a lot of pain. I just wish they did stem cell (adult) surgery--a lot safer. Yes, there is a procedure--no--they probably won't do it---AND I have to work today (Sunday) because I will be taking her to the doc tomorrow!!

2. Although I am usually pretty healthy--my allergies are kicking in--which is affecting my breathing. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have an asthma attack. My legs have been aching--it is either poor circulation or spinal stenosis setting in. One of these days I'll go have it checked out. For now I find that if I drink water it stops hurting---But my biggest worry is my eyes. They get worse by the day. The doc has me on drops for pressure (to relieve it)--but those drops seem to make my vision worse--of course he won't believe me!! Attempting to keep up with my clients books--reading, so I can blog about it has been anything but easy.

3. For some strange and unknown reason my Alexa score has been climbing instead of dropping--no rhyme or reason for it. Praying people will click on and maybe even purchase from my affiliate links--

I'm not really complaining--just trying to let people know why it may seem like I have slowed down--I have no choice!! I keep hoping tyhat things will get better. Hope is my middle name after all.

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Gladys Parker said...

I have heard the light comes when we think things are getting unbearable. I hope this comes true for you! Health problems with family or ourselves effect us more than other life events because the unknown is scary. We don't want to age but I am hoping for a positive process, we can wish can't we? May your mother cooperate with you and realize whatever you do is for her best interest.

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