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Book Review-Merriment, Mayhem, and Meows (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 21)-Patricia Fry

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Although there is definitely a continuation from prior books in the series-every one can be read as a stand alone. But once you read one you are going to want to read them all!!

Rags is up to mischief along with the cuddle cats he helped pick to live at Iris's brand new bed and Breakfast. And the trouble he gets into at the book signing where he is giving out paw-tographs will make you chuckle and shake your head knowingly if you happen to know any cats!!

All the dead bodies were exhumed from the bed and breakfasts back yard but something is happening in room #5-------are spirits still wandering around? And Iris's partners--well------------our Klepto cat friend will help uncover their identity--

I already have Book 22 and will get it up asap--actually I can't wait to see what happens next!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Iris finishes renovating the Kaiser Bed-And-Breakfast, but the inn’s not complete until Rags chooses a charming array of cuddle cats for overnight guests to enjoy. Before the official opening, however, Iris loses her business partner to unusual circumstances and she calls on friends to help her run the place. That’s when pandemonium shatters the calm. What is sending guests packing and intriguing others? Is the old inn haunted? Or is the mayhem a result of something more sinister?

Rags attends his first book signing and leaves more than paw-tographs behind. If you enjoy suspense, intrigue, and an abundance of charming kitty-cat action, you’ll adore this story.

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)(picture from her website)

There is a comprehensive biography of Patricia Fry which can be viewed here. This is one interesting woman!


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Gladys Parker said...

This sounds like a light, relaxing yet interesting read. I would read it then pass it to my granddaughter with the shenanigans only cats can pull off. A nice bedtime story for an adult.

CJ Across the Avenue said...

This is absolutely perfect for my mother-in-law. I may have to use it as a Mother's Day gift. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sharon Martin said...

How gorgeous is that cover! I know your not supposed to judge a book by the cover but it's so cute. Sounds like a lovely one to curl up with x

The Attic Girl said...

A cat that's a clepto, hilarious!

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