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Save as Much as 25% with a Comprehensive Android Monitoring App

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This is a guest post written for Miki's Hope by Sara Johnson

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While we are all busy preparing for Christmas and looking for an opportunity to save, our best shot is coupons. Something unique caught my eye. If you have been looking for something that helps you keep track of loved ones to keep them safe or something to track your employees around the clock, then Xnspy may be a good start. It is a comprehensive android monitoring app, and my opinions about it are strictly mine, after trying it for quite some time. Luckily, there is a 25% coupon discount on it and I happened to avail it.
It is Always Affordable
The app actually is very affordable and comes in both android and iOS versions. It works on tablets, all kinds of Android devices. Moreover, it works on iPads, iPhones, and other iOS too. You can get the basic edition for as low as $8.33 and you can get the premium edition at only $12.49. With the discount offer, you can save enough to buy other gifts.
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An Android Monitoring App Easy to Use
What attracted me is that it is easy to use. All you have to do is subscribe to the services, download the app, and install it on the target device. To subscribe to it, visit the website. You will receive an email with instruction to download and install the app.
Xnspy android monitoring app is a web-based software, with a comprehensive dashboard displaying the various features it offers. To monitor any feature on a target device, users simply have to click on the respective tabs on the dashboard. On the screen, users will see a detailed display of the feature selected. There’s a demo worth trying before purchasing the app. Here’s what you can expect:
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  • Monitor Conversations Stealthily
From the web-based dashboard, you can see all incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, and conversations via internet messengers. The app allows you to read entire conversations stealthily so that the target person doesn’t know. You cannot alter the messages nor delete them, but you can see all the photos and videos shared in the messengers. It also allows you to access the target’s Facebook messenger.
  • Track Target Device
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Often, we feel the need to track people whether they are employees or loved ones. With this app installed in the target device, we can know where the person using the device is. The inbuilt GPS tracker in the app provides continuous location history updates. You can know where the target device was when it sent or received text messages and calls. Employers can use this to keep track of their employees at any time and know if they are lying.
Screen Browser History and Screenshots
Parents and employers who are strict about time management can remotely access the browser history on the target device. This can help them know how much time the target person spends browsing and the sites frequently visited. They can take screenshots of the activity they witness for backups.
Screen Installed Apps
Xnspy allows users to block installed apps remotely. If you don’t want the target person to use a certain app installed on the device, you can be the one in control. Unless you authorize the target, he or she cannot use the blocked app.
Listen to Ambient Surrounding
Apart from the ability to record calls, upload them to your control panel and then delete the temporary files on the SD-card, this app can record ambient sounds too. This means that with this android monitoring app, you don’t have to hide behind closed doors and walls to hear what people say in your absence. By turning on the recorder remotely, you can hear everything once recorded files upload to your dashboard.
This year, you can celebrate Christmas by gifting yourself a comprehensive app. You can keep loved ones safe from online harmful activities like talking to strangers and cyber bullies. Besides, you can get the app at a discounted price to monitor your employees' activity and productivity. Let the New Year begin with something new and helpful for you.

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JLT said...

This looks like a perfect gift for parents (especially of pre-teens). Parents need to be nosy when it comes to social media. Way too much danger out there. If a teen knows mom will be snooping or checking, that might be enough to make him/her more careful about who they contact and what they view.

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great app to keep track of my kids! I know I am always watching my kids phones for what they are doing.

Gladys Parker said...

I'll pass this along. Listening to someone's conversations, knowing where they are 24/7 and knowing exactly what they do on the internet. I imagine it would be a God send to someone with a child, pre-teen or teenager though. The gps would be nice to have for an elderly parent.

Lori Bosworth said...

This looks like a great app for parents of teens. There are too many predators on social media and parents need to be vigilant about where their teens are and what they are up to.

Anonymous said...

What a unique app, I love finding out about new Android apps because I am an Android gal all the way but my teen has an iPhone :(

Ivonne said...

Sounds like a pretty easy to use app! I am going to pass off this info to friends with teens and tweens so they can keep track of them!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

Apps like this one are so convenient to use on smartphones. I have teens and tweens so it definitely is useful here.

zim said...

I'd love to have this app. My now teen son like to wander off and assume that I know that he is hanging out with the neighbors.

Eliz Frank said...

What a great idea for an app and one that could be very useful to parents of teens. I will pass it on. :)

Sam Smith said...

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Christa Sloan said...

I may not have the most popular opinion, but teens need a bit of privacy otherwise they will rebel and run away from the guidance of their parents. If parents are too nosy, teens will not respect them, because the parents do not respect them. It will lead to arguments and dissention and the teen will not trust the parent.

tisme143 said...

I love the size of this phone and that it allows you for more privacy and set ups the way you want. I also think having a phone works for you and making clear calls is so important today.

Ron Rico said...

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