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Is Amazon Going Too Far?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

First let me state that I am NOT an Amazon affiliate nor am I ever likely to be!! When I read and review a book I want to be able to give my honest opinion without monetary considerations. I happen to believe that every book will be loved by someone and even if I don't like it--someone will (thus the 5 stars)--I have often written "this book is not for me--but...". And yes, that review is put on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads--if the book is listed on the site. As most of you know I promote like crazy on social media whether there is a giveaway attached or not--and I do not get anything for it except the book and visits to my site. I do keep my eyes out for those free books or ones for .99. Hey I am semi-retired--I just don't have the extra cash.

Amazon pulled the rug out from under those that review products on their site--but stated at the bottom that books were not included. Well--they are doing that but in a rather, in my opinion, underhanded way!! I had noticed that some authors were doing giveaways on Amazon directly but never bothered to go in and check them out. I will be now just for the heck of it! AND someone I know (a blogger not an author) just tried doing it as well--I went in and checked it out. It seems like Amazon is trying to get bloggers to do reviews with them----

On clicking in I was first accosted by a massive ad for the free Kindle (which I already have)- and something at the bottom that states that you are going to allow Amazon to send you emails about their promos, etc. I have to insert here that since this all began have been getting a LOT of emails from Amazon about books-which I almost always delete without reading-even if it is an author that I really love)-and no, to my knowledge I have never asked them to send me emails that I know of at least. Well--I bypassed both of those annoying pages and finally got to a page with something about the giveaway. Although the bloggers name was mentioned up top as the one hosting the giveaway and down below was a disclaimer that this blogger had bought the book and paid tax and shipping--you could not click into his site!! This particular blogger has a problem on his site so that could be the reason--but I wonder---and actually the blogger isn't even getting site visits as the giveaway is hosted on Amazon I think--although I could not find it----wait I just got an email from that blogger and when I clicked in I was able to read what he wrote-clicked into the giveaway--it states it has ended? He just put this up!! Well he did say it was just a test!!

Another thing that has me wondering--who will be awarding the giveaway? What if the author does not want to?

In my opinion, this might be good for authors to use----but not book bloggers!! Only time will tell--just be very careful before you get involved with this!!

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