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Doctors, Hospitals, and other Current Mishaps in the Life of Miki's Hope

Thursday, May 12, 2016

As a lot of you are aware I have been among the missing several times since December 2015--I seem to just disappear--even to myself! 3 Hospitalizations and an extended ER visit-and this from someone who up until this time was more or less pretty healthy! It seems that no matter what I pick up--it ends up affecting my lungs adversely. This last bout was as a direct result of a really bad sinus infection which I think I might have caught while food shopping of all things--it seems everyone in that store had or has it also. I literally slept 2 hours-woke up-coughed-then back to sleep for another 2 hours--after 3 days of this I finally somehow made it to my doctor who sent me directly to the ER for a chest x-ray-(my insurance does not pay for the lab he normally used)-Admitted once again. It was a nightmare--I kept feeling worse instead of better and no amount of Prednisone or breathing through that mask seemed to help--that dry dry cough persisted. Of course the Prednisone caused my Blood Sugar to SPIKE. When I realized how high it really was I looked to my food tray-----I started throwing out any really high carb foods and reducing the calories (they have a machine that thinks I was supposed to eat 1800 calories day and no matter what I ordered extra stuff kept appearing-which I would then head straight to the garbage and dump it! Have you ever had to apologize for not over eating? Meanwhile I have lost some more weight--but it is more a factor of the high sugar--for some strange reason if my sugar gets too high--I lose weight (not that I am complaining)--I will write other posts about this last hospital stay at a future date. I would like to say here that if you are diabetic please turn over everything you buy and check those carbs--even those pre made salads--you will be amazed-be very careful.

Now for my current dilemma--I am not sure if my blood monitor kit is working correctly--I know the numbers are getting lower and yes, I am still on Prednisone-but something is not right. I am currently taking 2 different pills to help keep those numbers within reason. Those numbers are fluctuating in a manner that does not make sense. I do have an appointment to see my primary care doctor today--Hopefully they will take the number so I have some kind of a baseline to go by-I think I will take my monitor to do a side by side test. AND the test strips keep giving me an error message-----once I have proof I will head to the pharmacy I use and politely request a replacement unit!!

Understand that I am used to keeping these numbers in check by diet alone normally--which is really the way it should be done. And yes, sorry everyone, but those delicious looking cakes, cupcakes and delicious meals drive me crazy just looking at the pictures on facebook--knowing I can't go near them.

Well--until next time when I can tell you more and possibly even have an answer about the blood monitor kit-------

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Samantha said...

Take good care of yourself!

Beck Valley Books said...

I hope the outcome of the appointment today sees a lot more improvement for you. Let's hope for a more healthier year xx

Rebecca Swenor said...

I hope you get the answer you need from you appointment. It could be faulty and the there really could be something wrong with the strips. Thanks for sharing and hope things start looking up for you.

Myrah Duque said...

So sorry to hear. I agree, with Rebecca, perhaps the strips are damaged?

day to day MOMents said...

I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time. Things like this scary so much. Hope it all gets better fast!!

Karen Propes said...

I'm sorry about the results. I hope you are feeling better now. A friend of mine has diabetes and when she first started everything was scary. Take care, and keep us posted on your progress. There are so many people with diabetes, it's scary all the way around. They should come up with something that doesn't require finger pricking.

Edna Williams said...

I don't have diabetes, but I went through a lot with my husband who was diagnosed with lung cancer. We went through so much with chemo and radiation. I have had my fill of doctor appointments and hospitalizations for sure. Hope things are better for you now. Take care!

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