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Book Review-The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat (Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mysteries Book 1)-Alannah Rogers

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What a delightful book about a 60 something woman who owns a cafe has 2 cats who accompany her everywhere and a penchant for solving mysteries. She makes sure to listen to all the gossip so she knows what is happening in the small town she lives in.

Then she receives a counterfeit 20.00 bill from an old (male) friend and starts to wonder who is passing them out. Well, her maine coon knows there is something wrong with that boll and tries to take it from her! Then comes the fun as she, her 2 cats and the sheriff-with a bit of help from her friend (who is actually her ex) have an additional puzzle to solve--who murdered the young man?

I highly suggest you read this one--fast read with fully developed characters. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The leaves have turned and autumn has finally come to the small town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire. Beatrice Young, the sixty-two-year-old owner of the Cozy Cat Café, is busy slinging coffee for tourists.

Yet when her ever-perceptive Maine Coon cat, Hamish, sniffs out a fake twenty-dollar bill, the hunt is on to find its maker. And then there’s the fact that Jordan Clark has disappeared – he was seen walking out of a bar towards the woods, never to be seen again.

With the help of the ever-grumpy sheriff, her black cat Lucky, and her ex-husband and best friend Matthew, Beatrice finds intriguing links between the two mysteries. Jordan has a complicated past, one that could draw out a dangerous killer and place him squarely in Beatrice’s path. In the end, it’s up to her feline companions to find the clues that will keep her safe, put the culprit behind bars, and restore order to Ashbrook once more.

The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat is the first book in the Beatrice Young cozy cat mystery series. These books can be read in any order but are extra delightful when enjoyed in sequence.

Read a chapter or two here

Purchase the book here

About the Author: (from Amazon)

Alannah Rogers is a retired librarian living in rural New Hampshire. She has three cats, all named after authors: Charlie, Wilkie, and Jane.

Alannah is an obsessive knitter and Scrabble player who loves a strong cup of English Breakfast tea. She makes a mean strawberry rhubarb pie and enjoys tinkering in her garden when time permits.


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Masshole Mommy said...

I think my MIL would really enjoy reading this. I will get her a copy!!

Couponing Away Debt said...

This looks great! I think I would really enjoy this book, Im a cat person :)

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Interesting book for people who love mystery stories and are cat lovers as well. I would be interested to read this book because I want to find out how the cats get involved in the story. Thanks for the review.

Literary Winner said...

I love stories with "crazy cat ladies". Makes me feel not so crazy lol

Scott said...

I don't have to read the book to know the cat was in on it the whole time! You cannot trust cats! ;)

Neely said...

Its always the cat! Hahah kidding. This seems like a fun gift for my aunt!

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

What a great book idea I love easy reading books and this one sounds like fun

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg you had me at cat with this book!!!!! Totally giving this a read!

Anonymous said...

A great concept for a book! I think my MIL would love this book. Thanks for the review.

Myrah Duque said...

Oh yes! My cousin would appreciate reading this post, sharing it for sure!

Unknown said...

The story sounds really intriguing! It's a really good price for an ebook.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

This sounds like a great story. I love the fact that the protagonist is an older woman and, of course, cats are my favorite pets even though I am allergic to them.

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