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4 Non-Traditional Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

With all the pretty lights and decorations available during the holiday season, why do so many houses and trees end up looking the same? This year you don't have to go with the traditional Christmas light decorations you see everywhere. Get creative and do something out of the box.

Image via Flickr by RisforRndm

Cutting down a tree isn't for everyone, and not everyone is into fake trees, either. Instead, consider creating a Christmas tree on one of your walls with string lights. Buy some of those removable plastic wall hooks (you'll need a few, depending on how big you want your tree) and a few strands of matching indoor Christmas lights. What you're going to do is make a zigzag pattern across the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, starting small at the top and getting wider at the base. Angle the hooks sideways and slightly upwards so they catch the light strands. Plug it in and you have a nice tree of lights.

String up Some Burlap

To create a festive garland with burlap, all you need is a string of white Christmas lights, some burlap (brown is fine, or you can go for red and green, too,) and a pair of scissors. Cut small strips of burlap (about an inch wide and four to six inches long,) then tie the burlap around the cord of the string lights. You should be able to fit a few knots between each light. When you string it up, the burlap looks rustic and festive, and you know your garland is 100 percent unique because it's handmade.

Decorate a Deciduous Tree

Make your outdoor lights display unique by focusing on the sparse simplicity of your deciduous trees. The exposed branches make a great canvas for hanging ornaments and lights. Before you reach for a string of lights, however, consider hanging other objects instead. Hang oversized tree ornaments from the branches of a tree in your front yard. Scatter these ornaments with glowing Starlight Spheres and Moravian Stars from Christmas Lights Etc, so that the tree looks beautiful day and night.

Upcycle Wine Bottles

To create beautiful centerpieces, all you need are a few empty white wine bottles with the labels removed, a strand of white lights per bottle, and some tulle. Stuff the tulle and the lights into the wine bottle, letting the plug end of the lights hang out of the neck (or you can drill a hole into the glass if you know what you're doing). Hide the cord under a table runner and plug in the lights. You'll have glittering wine bottles that cast a soft ambient light over your party platters or your holiday meal that took you maybe five minutes to make.

Celebrate Christmas without old-fashioned decor this year. Use your creativity to craft new and interesting displays with your lights. These projects are simple yet effective; you'll have decorations that are the hit of your party and the envy of your neighborhood.

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Scott said...

I have a friend that uses them and put them inside glass blocks. Then stacks them in a 'pyramid' to make them into a tree!

Jamie said...

Great ideas - I did it with wine bottles, too and it looks great!!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

Upcycling wine bottles is a great idea. I love using items more than once and doing our part to save the planet and to recycle more often.

Myrah Duque said...

I like the garland with burlap idea! My niece is a obsessed crafty person and has created all sort of neat stuff. I'm trying to catch up to her!!

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are indeed awesome ideas for using Christmas lights. I love the Christmas lights and think you can use them all year around. I love the bottle idea. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

Rose-Marie said...

It never occurred to me to put lights on a deciduous tree, but wow! That sounds like a great idea! Be careful for fire hazards, especially inside your home when coming up with new ways.

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