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I Saw An Advertisement The Other Day and It Made Me Remember

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I saw an Ad the other day about Lipitor and CoQ10 and I smiled. I had figured this out long ago!! Here is the full story.

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Some of you have seen me comment on how I won't or can't exercise--well here is what actually happened and why. It all started when my Doctor back then decided my Cholesterol was too high and prescribed Lipator. I took it for around a year-maybe more. I would still probably be taking it if I hadn't joined a gym!! Yeah--you read that correctly. At the beginning I had a personal trainer who was really good and I was slimming down-fast. BUT--I was feeling weaker and weaker. I told my doctor who told me it was impossible------NOT. You see it turns out that Lipitor can decrease your muscle function, but only in a very small number of people. I should have known--I have never been very good with medicine and if there is a one in two million chance it will happen--it will happen to me. Then the personal trainer left for a different job and I ended up hurting my shoulder-badly. I kept getting weaker and weaker and finally my Doctor decided maybe he better give me the test for muscle function---of course all of a sudden he was telling me to get off the Lipitor immediately but that there was nothing I could do to get back the muscle function I had lost. He suggested taking natural alternatives--but they did the same thing to me.

Well--deciding I would do a little research (I don't always believe Doctors)I discovered 2 over the counter products that just might help. The first was CoQ10 and the 2nd was ALA (alpha lipoic acid). CoQ10 is taken primarily by heart patients (the heart is a muscle albeit a special one) after all--and ALA from what I was reading helps makes other things work better. I had nothing to lose and bought a bottle of each. I have trouble swallowing pills so it took many brands until I found ones I could take easily. I happened upon Puritan's Pride and have been buying from them ever since! Yes, I am now an affiliate and will get a small commission if you click into the site using my left sidebar--but I am also an avid customer.

New Doctor--wants me to take Cholesterol meds--oh no--not again--I explained what happened and what I did to attempt to reverse it. Of course he did a muscle test again--and it was back--no sign of muscle deterioration!! He asked me where I got my supplements and before I could tell him--he said go to Puritan's Pride! I told him I already did!!

This is not meant as medical advice-only your doctor can tell you what to take and what not to take!! This is however a true account of what I went through.

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