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Book Excerpt-Caelum–Olde City Angels Book 1-Mandie Stevens

Thursday, December 17, 2015

There is still a giveaway going on but I thought that maybe you would like to read a bit so I asked Mandie Stevens if she would allow me to put up an excerpt of this Adult Fantasy because I may not have explained it correctly. As I stated, this is not a genre I am used to reading. The author graciously sent me the following so all of you could get a real taste for this book.
If you would like to enter the giveaway click here The giveaway ends on 12/20.

Mandie Stevens is currently working on the 2nd book in this series--so keep a watch!!

“Eva.” A soft whisper called to me. As I turned around to see who it was, the shadow screeched my name and reached from the wall to touch me. I backed away and stepped off the curb. The shadows made my decision easier, and I headed to the bar.

My head snapped up when a crow cawed. There must have been nearly a hundred crows on the rooftop above. Hell’s spies had found me fast. I could sense the hatred rolling of them in waves. The demon already had an advantage.

The bar’s bouncer was a beady-eyed dwarf who honed in on me before I managed to cross the street. I tugged my shirt to conceal the knife, knowing it was too late to hide it but trying anyway.

“I need to see some I.D.” The dwarf stood on the chair, making him meet my height. I held out my hand and let it glow, letting him know I was an angel. He arched his brow. “Sorry, toots, but you have to leave your weapons at the door.”

I looked him up and down. “Not going to happen. I’m here to see Phenex.” I walked past him on his perch. The bar’s magik hit me, crawling over my body, sizing me up. Grumpy hopped off his chair, landing with a thud and a grunt. “Hey, did you hear me?”

Stepping into the bar, I looked over my shoulder and gave him a smile, daring him to come after me. The energy of the place was chaotic, and the room was dark. Dim lights bounced off the mahogany bar, giving a warm, comfortable feeling. The music was something I hadn’t heard before, and the air smelled like vanilla. It wasn’t what I had expected. I pushed my way through the crowd to the back of the room.

Phenex stood by the pool tables in the corner of the room. When his blue eyes met mine, he smirked, taking his shot and sinking the cue ball. The wolf pack stood to the left of him, shaking their heads at his shot, and the elf laughed. The group didn’t seem to unsettle him, but I, on the other hand, wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as I could, I wasn’t used to being around this many supernaturals.

Phenex looked almost the same as he had before he’d left the constellation, but now his blond hair was down to his shoulders instead of being cut short. He wore a tight black T-shirt and black jeans, giving him the bad-boy feel. He was definitely not angelic anymore. He handed his pool stick to the wolf closest to him. “I’m out. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.”

Taking the stick, the wolf laughed. “Whatever dude, you were cheating anyway.”

Phenex grabbed his beer and nodded towards a corner table that was empty. We slid into seats across from each other. He leaned forward, searching my face, then half-smiled. “What are you called these days?”


He arched his brow. “Still?”

“What do you mean, still?”

A bar maid walked up to our table. “What can I get you?”

“I’ll take another Heineken. What do you want, Eva? Some milk?” He snickered at his own joke.

I hadn’t had a glass of wine in a long time. I wanted to make it good so I chose my favorite. “A glass of Chateau Latour Bordeaux.”

Phenex shook his head. “She’ll take a house Merlot.”

The barmaid bit her lip. “I’ve got a bottle of the Bordeaux, but it belongs to the boss man.”.

“The merlot is fine.” The girl scurried off to get our drinks. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t check up on you, did you?” He leaned back in his seat and took the last swig of his beer. “I’m Phenex.”

“I assumed you were. You always used the name when we came to this realm.” Our real names wouldn’t even translate while we were here.

He searched my face. “I take it you’re here on business?”

“Yes.” I sat back and crossed my arms. “Don’t give me crap, Phenex. It isn’t like you ever looked me up after you decided to leave Heaven.”

Phenex arched his brow. “It isn’t like I’m exactly welcome there.”

I leaned in and whispered, gritting my teeth, “Don’t forget, you left of your own free will. Paimon and Corson chose Lucifer, and you didn’t choose at all. You all left me!”

Timidly, the girl set our drinks down and scurried away.

Pulling out a cigarette, he lit it. “You could have come and visited.” He mumbled the words as he exhaled the smoke.

“You think I haven’t thought about you all every single day? You were my best friends, my brothers.”

“Calm down, you’re starting to glow. It will draw attention.”

I looked up. Most of the eyes in the room were on me. I slid back in my seat, trying to hide and get my emotions under control. A tall fae, with his blue black hair pulled back, eyed me from the bar.

“Who are you here for? It obviously isn’t me. Where in the hell is your liaison?” A frown crossed his face.

“Maybe it’s fate that brought me to where you are?”

“Fate.” He shook his head and took a pull of his beer. “The fates would never allow that. They crossed me out a long time ago. Who are you guardian for?”

“Elsie Ponce.”

The fae who’d been watching me stalked up to our table. The magik was so thick, his aura was layered blue then green then purple and pulsed off his body like the beating of a drum.

“His majesty King Oberon requires your presence, Angel.”

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Mandie Stevens has always been accused of living in her own world so she decided to put it to paper. When she isn’t Mandiebiowriting you can catch her lounging on the beach reading. She has ridiculously little feet and would be happy eating seafood every day.

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OurFamilyWorld said...

This sounds like a great read. I also read fantasy books. I will add this to my list.

Beck Valley Books said...

Reading the excerpt makes you want to carry on and find out more doesn't it? I love this cover too!

Masshole Mommy said...

Well, that was enough to reel me in. I need to get this book now :)

Anonymous said...

Based on the cover, I would have never picked this book up...The cartoon picture really gives the wrong impression. (Yes, I judge books by their covers & titles.)

The excerpt was good and has me interested. I like paranormal books in general although this one may have one too many creatures in it for me.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

I don't believe I've read anything in the adult fantasy genre. How is it different than the sci fi sort of fantasy genre?

Parenting Patch said...

I am a fan of children's fantasy, so this book might be something that I would like to read.

Branson said...

Sounds like a really interesting book!

Liz Mays said...

That's not normally my genre either, but it would be interesting to read outside my box.

Mandie Stevens said...

Thank you for posting Miki <3

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

This looks like it's a great book and a great giveaway. I would love to read it for myself.

Naomi said...

Very descriptive writing! Not really my genre, but looks like great writing for those who read that genre.

Unknown said...

So much goes into writing a book and engaging them! It's like blogging x 10! So kudos to the writer on allowing you to show a section of the book to show you its a good read! thanks for sharing :-D

Rebecca Swenor said...

This does indeed sounds like a great read. I haven't real read to many adult fantasy books but might I have start. Great review.

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