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Book Review-English Ivy (The Late Bloomers Series Book 2)-Betsy Talbot

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This is the second in the Late Bloomers Series and if it is any indication I definitely want to read more! You can see my review of book 1 which gives an over view of each of these woman here.

Ivy is the classic female who claws her way to almost the top of the job ladder--careless of others, no time for personal relationships until she learns the hard way that being tough is not always the best way to be! The only people she allows near her are her closest girlfriends from high school. The long distance banter between these 40 something year olds is amusing and gives insight into each of their personalities.

Without giving anything away Ivy has 3 choices to make--stay stagnant and accept a high position in her current job, take a new job or go for love with the character Ruben Alegre who if nothing else is persistent and obstinate and used to getting what he wants without having to work for it. As an economist (an excellent one but not so much so in her own life) she tends to see things in black and white and never sees that gray area in between. But after getting herself into a corner--she learns!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

"I absolutely loved Ivy...She makes bold moves that other women could only WISH to make, making her a character who a reader can enjoy living vicariously through."~ A Well Read Woman, 5 stars

"Another delightful read in the Late Bloomers series, and get ready for Ivy Cross!" ~ The Book Queen's Book Palace, 5 Stars, A Royal Pick!

Ever Have to Choose Between Work and Love?

After years of working at the US Embassy in London, forty-two-year-old American Ivy Cross is desperate for change. She longs to recapture her adventurous spirit and spice up her life before this little rut turns into a gaping chasm.

Madrid-based CEO Ruben Alegre both infuriates and intoxicates her, and if he only lived closer she'd consider risking her heart.

When the opportunity for an incredible new job in Berlin arrives in the form of sexy Christof Brandt, she wonders if the offer is too good to be true.

Will she find a future with Ruben? Start a new career in hip and gritty Berlin?
There are no easy answers, but Ivy can't deny that her life is about to change in a very big way.

Note: The Late Bloomers Series of contemporary romance are standalone novels and do not have to be read in order. But they are more fun if you do!

Read a Chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Betsy Talbot is a forty-something traveler and author. When she's not traveling or penning books about love, adventure, and self-discovery, she is hiking, learning flamenco dancing, and drinking wine in a tiny whitewashed village in Spain.

Her latest project is The Late Bloomers Series, a five-book romance series about women in their forties. Because women with experience make the best life and on the page.

Read a free short story starring all five Late Bloomer characters when you join the Late Bloomers group at New York City, New Year's Eve, and five life-long friends on the verge of change. Which one will make the first leap into the unknown?

Authors website

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Ronnie said...

I enjoy strong female characters like Ivy. It's not everyday that a book's character is conflicted more by career goals than romance. This sounds like a great read!

MyCatKevin said...

I agree with previous comment about strong female characters. I do think that, when written well, these kinds of books can really life you up and drive the reader to push themselves or grab a little spirit from said character. I'd be interested to hear your take on the others in the series!

Samantha said...

that looks like a good read, one i would like

Myrah - Coupon Mamacita said...

These are the types of books I truly have a passion for!

Lydia from Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen said...

When I first started reading formula romances like Harlequins the heroines were 18 - 23 years old...I think maybe a kiss was exchanged somewhere in the second half of the book hahaha. I'm so glad there are books with mature heroines with real careers and modern day dilemmas to read.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a great book. I would love to see if she chooses her career or love.

Michelle F.

Unknown said...

Ivy sounds like a woman many of us could relate to! I love strong characters who have to face some of their own issues and fears!

Claudette said...

I have not read one of these novels in a long while...kinda not my thing anymore but, this winter I plan to mix up my reading list again so might add it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Erin said...

I'm always looking for books to add to my list. This one sounds really good. Thanks for the review!

Housewife Eclectic said...

Sounds like a fun read! Adding it to my list!

Liz Mays said...

I'm not sure what she's going to choose, but of course, I'm hoping for love. :)

Crystal said...

I could use a little inspiration to shake things up. I hope to see Ivy change courses, but I guess I'll have to read to find out.

mail4rosey said...

I have an uncle who sees only in black and white. It's nice sometimes, and so frustrating at others. ;) I like, Liz, hope she chooses love. :)

Samantha Pierce said...

Sounds like a very entertaining book! said...

This sounds like a great read! I love a great series!

Unknown said...

I wanna read this series, it has a great content.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This is a great review and I would love to get this series for my mom and myself. We both love any romance stories. I love each of these series of books can be red seperately too .

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