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Just Another Week at Miki's Hope

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It has been a couple of crazy busy weeks here--what with driving my Mom all over the place and putting up all the giveaways--YIKES--15 as of today!! A bunch of them will be ending very soon-then of course book reviews. I've been struggling trying to keep up with them-Picture me reading while my Mom is in Physical Therapy (those chairs are uncomfortable!)Here is my listing of everything relatively current on Miki's Hope in case you missed anything. Then of course I had my bookkeeping clients payroll quarterlies to contend with as well as all their questions. As a result I put nothing new up today except now this!

I actually just got back from a couple of errands that I should have done yesterday--the bank and depositing a check being the most important-gotta get those bills paid! But while I was out I stopped by Carvel and had a child's size chocolate soft serve--which is still my absolute favorite ice cream!! Boy, did that feel good--it is hot out there. I could not find a picture of the chocolate soft serve in a cup-so a vanilla soft serve in a cone will have to do!

AND I stopped into a Health Food Store and finally found what I have been promoting for a while now Reid's Soda . I saw a single bottle of the Cherry Ginger Brew and it is really good! A bit high in carbs and I shouldn't probably have any more of it (I am diabetic)-but I am loving it.

I better get back to reading--I wonder if I will ever get caught up?

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