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I Am In A Semi-Slump

Friday, August 28, 2015

I am just not myself lately. I can't seem to get it together, between driving my Mom everywhere, still working at a couple of bookkeeping clients and trying to keep up with my blog. (There is no way I can revitalize my website) It could very well be the heat and I am really hoping the rash I have all over my top torso is either a heat rash or an allergy reaction to something. I have cut back on comment threads and can't even get them done the same day like I normally would--I'm still reading but have at least two books that I have to write up reviews. Then adding any giveaways to others linkys and all the other Twitter, FB and G+ threads. I started putting more of my affiliate links on the left side of my blog and the current specials or promotions for each--and they seem to be doubling and tripling every day!! I am actually contemplating making a separate post which I will update daily and you will be able to access by clicking on a link on the left hand side--I would still be putting some of them the way I have them now. What I am wondering--would anyone actually click into that link to see them all with all those promotions? Yes, if anyone makes a purchase I would receive a small commission--but then I am not an affiliate of Amazon nor will I be-and I really would like to make some money to help me keep this blog going, or maybe even be able to pay someone to help me a bit-right now I just can not afford it. I am not complaining-just telling it like it is.

See that sweet little face--well, to make matters worse, she is sabotaging me. More and more often she will sit in back of my keyboard with part of her body either trying to cover it--or she uses her paws and pushes it so it is almost falling off the desk--then puts her paw on my hand so I can't move the mouse. So I start petting her, which is what she wants, and more goes by the wayside.

Oh well--this too shall pass--sooner rather then later I HOPE!!

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