The Battle for Darracia-Michael Phillip Cash-NOW all 3 books in One Volume!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I remember reading each of these books and having to wait for the next--this series is so good it was like torture to wait for each one! Now you can get them all in one volume--you lucky people-no waiting with baited breathe for you--

I definitely like how this author writes. I finished each book in a little over 2 hours. This is from my review of Book 1-and believe me it only gets better with each one. "It is about a mythical world where there are three types of life forms. There are those who live up in the clouds who essentially rule, there are those who live in the tree tops and then there are the outcasts who live on the ground. But times are changing in the land and the King has married a different type of being and they have a child. The King has a brother--hum------Yes, this is a good vs evil type book with lots of action. Your teens will love this one so after you read it--hand it over!"

Please note: I am NOT an affiliate of Amazon nor was I paid anything to post this--it will be a surprise to the author as well!!

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