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Book Review-TIGER LILY OF BANGKOK-Owen Jones

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This novel can be hard to read. Not only are the social mores different from what we in the United States are used to but what happens to Lily after she is the victim of "child abuse" by her uncle is almost heart breaking. What she did to him--well--she was young to think about it--but he deserved it!! I had a very hard time not routing for her in her quest for a decent education and normalcy. As she sinks deeper and deeper into a psychotic break and extracts her revenge I prayed she would never get caught. It is only with the death of her mother that Tiger Lily can be put to rest.

I'm not sure if there will be a sequel or if there is one already but I will be checking it out. I am curious to see what happens in the years to come in Lily's life.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Lily was born in south-eastern Isaan near the Mekong River, the only daughter of Chinese-Thais who owned a shop in their small village. Her parents had a close friend that Lily called Uncle who used to smile at her and take her gifts as a small child.

However, when she was just eleven years old the nature of the gifts changed and there was always a price to pay for them that Lily hated. Dare she risk upsetting her parents by telling them about it?

An accident of fate at school gave Lily an idea how to put an end to the problem once and for all and her parents came to realize what had been going on in their daughter's life. Soon after the incident, Lily's father died.

Some said from shame.

Lily herself was given compensation which she wanted to use to change her life. Her decision was to go to University in Bangkok. It was there that she realized that the compensation, which had seemed a fortune in the village, would not be enough to fund her University life in full and she descended into the seamier side of Bangkok life.

A serial killer is taking the life of men in Bangkok and the city is rightly scared. Not only are the men marked in death but a trademark flower is left at the scene of each killing. The press says this is the most frightening serial killer since the cannibal child killer, Si Ouey Sae Urng of the 1950's.

Fear haunts the City and no-one knows who will die next or how the victims are chosen. The police are baffled and the citizens of Bangkok cower behind closed doors fearful for their lives.

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Owen Jones was born in Barry, South Wales, where he lived until going to
Portsmouth to study Russian at 18. After finishing his degree, he moved
to s'Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands where he lived for ten years.

At 32, Owen moved back to Barry to work with in his family's construction
company, first as a painter and then as a director, or, as the bank once
corrected him, a painter and decorator. He was also office manager for
ten years.

At the age of 50 Owen moved to Thailand to live with a Thai girl that he met while there on holiday. He married the woman and now lives in her village of birth in remote northern Thailand.

As Owen puts it: 'Born in the Land of Song, living in the Land of Smiles'.

Website (for Behind the Smile series)

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Masshole Mommy said...

I am adding this to my summer reading list right now. It sounds like a great read.

Scott said...

I know you didn't touch on it, but I could read between the lines. As the father of girls exactly that age, no way would I want to read this. It would give me nightmares!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hongkong has different culture from where I came from but I think I can relate to this. I have once read a book where the setting is between Europe and Asia, the combination of both is exciting.

jheylo said...

It is sad! I can't imagine why those people whom we have put our trust are the ones to break it. This book is heartbreaking especially when it talks about child abuse. No one deserves this kind of cruelty.

Literary Winner said...

This sounds like a fascinating book! I'm going to add it to my wishlist now.

Eat To Live said...

It is hard to read books about child abuse... but, darn it... it happens more than we want to know.

Mama to 5 said...

Although it sounds like a good read I just could not do it. I would cry the whole time, it is so sad because this happens so much.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic book! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely add this to my reading list, I can't wait to begin!

Katherine Bartlett said...

I couldn't read this one - child abuse makes me so mad

harriet said...

Wow. That is a convoluted storyline in some ways. Sounds like an intense read.

AngelaM said...

Wow that does sound like a hard book to read. I think it would be interesting though. Great review!

Crystal said...

It sounds like it'd be a fascinating read. I don't know what it says about me that I find books about crimes so interesting. I hope I'm not headed for a life of crime!

Christi at said...

Sounds like a very interesting book. I tend to gravitate towards the more difficult subject matter books because I find the characters have more depth. Thanks for sharing.

Lesley said...

I love reading about other cultures. I think I'll add this to my summer reading list.

Coach Donna Ward said...

Wow! This book is way too intense for me - the culture wouldn't be the problem - but I appreciate your great work on the review :)

Erica S ( said...

wow that does sounds like it would be tough to read, but I am intrigued to see how things turn out for her!

Katrina Kroeplin said...

Lim going to have to check this one out.sounds interesting!!!

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like an awesome read indeed. It is so sad how much child abuse effects the abused as while as everyone around them. Thanks for sharing.

Liz Mays said...

I think this sounds interesting, even if a little tough. I'd like to give it a try!

Owen said...

Hello Everyone,

I have enjoyed reading your comments on my book and especially Michele's review of it.

I only want to point out one thing, and that is that the child abuse is not graphic, except (I think, a paragraph in one chapter).

The story is 99% what happens to her seven years later - ie the effects that the abuse had on her in later life.

Thanks again for the time you have all taken

Owen Jones
Author: 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok'
PS: the sequel is well under way :-)

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