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I THINK Today is the LAST of the Crazy Days

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

With any kind of luck today (Wednesday) I will be done and finished with all the year end nonsense and schedule changes with my clients--can you spell STRESS--I sure can!!! This post will go live at 2 PM EST-hopefully I will be home already and attempting to catch up on all the daily threads I get involved in. If not I will be here within the hour. Of course I will have to contend with an angry kitty cat cause I was not home with her all day today.

My Mom left for a weeks trip so I should be home until Monday--I am NOT going to leave this apartment--I am going to read--I am going to relax--I am going to pet my brat. Of course I do have to start doing my own taxes----------------OOPS eye doctor appointment on Friday--maybe it will snow?

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