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Are You Superstitious?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hi everyone--by the time you see this it will be Friday the 13th. Yes, I am superstitious of Friday the 13's--If you saw my post of the other day I thought the craziness had ended--NOT. I have or maybe had an eye doctor appointment today-I tried to warn the receptionist that this was not a good idea--but she was not superstitious--she may be now!! I got a phone call from my Primary Care Physicians office this afternoon--the Eye Doctor needs another referral and guess what--something is messed up yet again and they are hoping to get it resolved before my appointment. If I don't have that referral I might as well not go because they will not see me. This appointment was for a repeat of about 3 tests to see if my eyes have gotten any worse. I'm still trying to figure out why they are doing this since they tell me there is absolutely nothing they can do anyway!!!

Then I just got a call from one of my clients--she got a call from her accountant he wants her books for the year. We won't go into the fact that I haven't done a bank rec there for the entire year because she kept losing them and generally has me in and out of there in an hour--then she tells me her kids will be there on Saturday-could I come on Sunday to do the 24 bank recs and send the accountant the books? If it hadn't been for that eye doctor appointment I might have been able to go Friday (today)-but I think she really wanted me on Sunday--such is the life of a semi retired bookkeeper.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I feel horrible--my throat is sore, my chest congested, I have a headache, my eyes hurt and I keep falling asleep thus even though I am in the middle of at least 2 books (good ones by the way)--I haven't been able to finish them yet!! Maybe over the weekend at some point I will get at least one of them read and the review posted.

And for those of you wondering what happened to all the giveaways I normally have on my blog---one was postponed--another goes up the 20th I think and one on 3/1--there may be another one as well but I just don't remember but if it get sent to me it will get posted! So just be patient--the one on 3/1 will be one that I make the Rafflecopter so I know you will like that. Oh yeah- I am still waiting for a product to arrive at my door-I will be making the Rafflecopter for that as well.

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