The EXTREME Craziness GOT SOMEWHAT WORSE! (as of 1/27 1AM EST) | Miki's Hope

The EXTREME Craziness GOT SOMEWHAT WORSE! (as of 1/27 1AM EST)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am sure all bookkeepers, accountants and the like are feeling it right now as well--it is time for P/R quarterlies, 1099's W-2's and multiple other forms that the government seems to need by a certain date. SNOW--no one can get to their clients-at least not in the snow bound regions of the country. PHONE--I don't know if I mentioned it but I had spent about 2 hours on the phone the other day because of ICE talking one client through manual payroll calculations so she could email to her accountant so they could do the forms for her. I did make it to my client yesterday (Monday) but did the minimum and got back home before the snow started falling-I even made it to a food store. I was feeling pretty good--until the PHONE rang. It was the client I was supposed to see today (Tuesday). I managed to talk her through doing the payroll forms on Quickbooks-no easy feat since one she was petrified and two she probably didn't really want to do it. Three hours later and she still has to PHONE me back today to finish one or two other forms. Have I ever mentioned I dislike phones intensely?

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I usually try to finish all threads on Facebook the same day I enter them--I had no choice yesterday and left some comments for this morning (no problem-there is 48 hours to finish that thread). For some strange reason Baby let me sleep this morning-I woke up by myself at 1 AM-------to FACEBOOK NOT WORKING--according to the message--they are working on it!!

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mail4rosey said...

My computer went down last night too. I hightailed it right to bed. :)

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