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I Was Told To Stop Reading As Much and Not be On the Computer as Much

Monday, January 19, 2015

Yes, I have been having trouble with my eyes. I have what is called Drusin which essentially are ball like deposits on my optic nerve (or disc-these doctors keep confusing me). There are a couple of types of Drusin--this is the type I have (I think) (from Wikipedia).

There is really nothing you can do except use drops and have narrow angle laser surgery (which I had). Yes, I have already lost some peripheral vision and go to an ophthalmologist every 4 or 5 months. The drops are to relieve any excess pressure. They say this runs in families but since I was adopted I have no idea. Back when I was adopted they did not give any family history at all.

At any rate I have been finding that my eyes get really tired pretty quickly these days and after reading for a while they start to literally hurt and I tend to fall asleep! I mentioned this to the doctor and she said to stop reading and not to be on the computer as much--this is NOT going to happen!! To take away my reading is like taking away my life. I have had no choice but to slow down a bit-but not as much as she was suggesting!

You may notice less book reviews then last year but I will still be reading the books and posting the reviews all WITHOUT being an affiliate of Amazon!

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Susan said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Taking away the things you've had and loved for so long is not easy. I've always said, and it saddens me that my severely disabled son cannot walk and will never walk - that at least he didn't have that capability only to have it taken from him later on.

And not that this is what you'd really like to hear and the idea may not be welcomed (for that I apologize) - but could you get away with doing some audible books when you find your eyes getting real tired - just to give yourself (your eyes) a break?

Wishing you the best :) Take care.

kara said...

I'm sorry to hear this! I have astigmatism so I've been told not to use the pc so much, and now ebooks really bother my eyes. I try to change it up from reading an ebook to paper novel...just cant win sometimes. Big Hugs!

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