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I Have A WHOLE Day to Myself!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I thought I was going to be taking my Mom out on her weekly shopping and errand trip today. She decided it is much too cold to be out there. She is 91 after all! I actually got most everything for my blog ready early so I would not be rushed--NOW I can spend the day reading!!!! It doesn't take much to make me happy does it?

I even got the Valentines G/A up and pre-scheduled for tomorrow-(2/1 midnight)-keep an eye out it is another of the ones for $25 Amazon/PP with like only 5 things you have to do.

That Neater Scooper review/giveaway that you see today really works. I love it and any cat lovers out there will love it too. I really wish I had thought of this one. I keep thinking it might work for any small animal that uses a litter type substance. (I made the Rafflecopter so it is easy peasy to enter)

Of course the Sunday Stroll will appear like magic at 6:30 PM this evening (1/31)

And I have just have to give you a heads up--remember the books by NBL Horton--When Camels Fly and The Brother's Keeper - Can you say SALE? It starts 2/12 and ends 2/21 and I will remind you closer to that date. You really don't want to miss reading these 2 books!!

So, tomorrow is shopping day and according to Mom she doesn't need too much--only 3 stores. How many bets she gets a 4th in there as well.

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