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Book Review-Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center (Alexandra Destephano Book 1)-Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

If you are a fan of medical mysteries, which of course as everyone knows by now-I definitely am one-you will absolutely love this novel! I am not totally sure if this was the first in the series or the second (some places say the first-others the second but it is a definite stand alone read. I will be getting the other two and any more in this series that come out.

This novel will keep you riveted-I defy you to put it down once you have started. I personally sat here and read it straight through in about 3 hours. It takes place in New Orleans in a hospital that is actually doing quite well and is in no hurry to become part of a conglomerate. Dr. Bonnet has property that the mob wants--he is not selling. A high ranking official is being blackmailed. AND Voo Doo plays a big part--this is New Orleans.

Can this hospital be saved from being destroyed by sinister forces?

Read it and find out!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

First book in the Alex Destephano series.

It’s Mardi Gras season in post-Katrina New Orleans. With only one week until the big day, thousands of tourists have flocked to the city, paralyzing traffic and jamming the French Quarter with drunken crowds and garbage. City officials are hoping for record crowds and record revenues to generate the biggest boost to the Crescent City since the “big storm."

Alexander Lee Destephano, legal counsel for Crescent City Medical Center, a world-class hospital, is excitedly anticipating her third Mardi Gras Season and most of all, her date with dashing art historian Mitch Landry. The couple has tickets to the Endymion Extravaganza, the biggest Mardi Gras Ball in New Orleans at the Super Dome on Saturday evening. After many months, life is good again and Alex is determined to experience and appreciate everything it has to offer. She can hardly wait until Saturday evening.

But, things change. Alex is stat-paged to the Medical Center at 6:00 am on Monday morning only to learn from her boss, Don Montgomery and her former husband, Dr. Robert Bonnet that Grace Raccine, a cancer patient at CCMC and the first lady of Louisiana has been found unconscious in her room covered with blood with no visible injury. To compound matters, patients are leaving CCMC against medical advice and staff are refusing to work creating crisis and chaos in the Obamacare hospital environment. By the end of the day, the night with Mitch at the Endymion Ball is the last thing on Alex's mind!

Read a chapter or two here

Purchase the Book Here

About the Author: (from the Author's Website)

Judith Rocchiccioli writes about what she knows…Hospitals, Patients, Nurses, Physicians and Health Care. She adds some mystery, bad guys, intrigue, suspense and along with some Virginia and New Orleans culture and well developed plot lines, produced a medical thriller that few readers can put down.

The Alexandra Destephano Series is a group of medical thrillers that offer readers an escape into the busy medical world of a fictitious world-class hospital in New Orleans where image is King and the money is the bottom line.

The main characters are Alexandra Destephano, a nurse attorney who is legal counsel for Crescent City Medical Center and Jack Francoise a dedicated, gnarly, seasoned New Orleans Police Commander who covers the 8th Precinct and the French Quarter, where in the deepest, sleazy, sordid areas, copious crime occurs. The medical is intent on offering the best care in the world, but it often plagued by competition, health care reform, incompetent management and sabotage.

Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center and The Imposter and the newly released Viral Intent are fast-paced riveting medical thrillers that offer readers believable and memorable characters that allow them to escape into the complex, often mysterious world of health care. All three novels are currently available from the authors website, and Books are downloadable in Kindle, Nook and most ebook format as well as soft cover.

Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is a native Virginian and holds graduate and doctoral degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Virginia. She has been a practicing clinical nurse for over 25 years and is currently a professor of Nursing at James Madison University and the author of numerous academic and health-related articles and documents. Her novels are based on her experiences living and teaching in New Orleans. When not teaching or writing, Judith is an avid silk painter and multimedia artist. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her family and six dogs.

Author Website

I purchased this e-book with my own funds or received it for free on Amazon. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook.


The AnnMarie John said...

I am not a big fan of medical mysteries but I've read a few of them. For the past couple of weeks all I did was read novels because I had nothing else to do. I might just pick this one up as well.

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge fan of medical mysteries, but I know a few people who are, so I will definitely be passing this one along to them! :)

Patricia said...

This book looks like it has a lot of unexpected twists. Going to have to pick it up myself and read it.

Scott said...

Medical mysteries bother me too. They always make me scared to go to the doctor/hospital/etc.!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love medical related shows on TV so I am sure I would enjoy this book!

Judith Lucci said...

Miki, Thank you so much for reading my first book, Chaos. I am delighted you read it and shared your thoughts. It gives me energy to finish the fourth one, Toxic New Year.
It is so important for writers to hear that people like their books. It is a pretty lonely profession, so all interaction counts. Hope you like the other two.
Blessings, Judith

Beck Valley Books said...

I love medical dramas myself and this mystery sounds like I could really enjoy it, especially mixed in with some voodoo.

Unknown said...

Very cool seems like a super interesting read... I love mysteries!

Athena said...

Oh wow this seems like something I just must read! Very intriguing.

Literary Winner said...

I LOVE stories set in New Orleans! The fact that this is a medical mystery makes it even better.

Lesley said...

New Orleans is one of my favorite settings for books, so much history and sights to see. I've been there so I can relate to where the author is going with this.

Samantha said...

that sounds like a good read, i have not read anything like this in a while

First Time Mom and Losing It said...

That looks like a great read. I love mysteries but have never read a medical one.

debdenny said...

I think I will like this book. I love reading series.

Housewife Eclectic said...

Medical mysteries are such fun reads! Sounds awesome!

Lynndee said...

I think my bookworm hubby would find this interesting. I'll tell him about it. Or he probably have read this already.

Debi at Life Currents said...

My mom reads lots of mysteries, mostly the ones about a cat solving the mystery. She loves them. Cracks me up when she tells me about them. I'll have to tell her about this book. Thanks

Kristi Dominguez said...

You're convincing me more and more that I need to dive into medical mysteries!! Looks like another goodie.

Rebecca Swenor said...

I would love to read this medical mystery. It sounds like a lot of action with the mystery which would make it hard to put down. Thanks for sharing.

bedlambrides said...

Oh this sounds super interesting. My cousin is in med school - he might enjoy this!

Coralie said...

Sounds like a great book. I love reading and have a small vacation coming up where I might get 10 minutes of reading in ;) I will have to look at this to take with me.

Debi said...

I love medical mysteries. They are my go to reads.

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