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Book Review-The Metronome (The Counterpoint Trilogy Book 1)-D.R. Bell

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Metronome was written as a prequel to The Great Game ( you can read my review of The Great Game here ). This book will give the background story of how everything came to be the way it is today, and why the story of the Great Game played out the way it did. This is a novel but many of the facts are all too real. You will recognize them immediately. In the Epilogue the author explicitly states and sites which are real and which are not with references that can be checked.

It is the story of a (fictional)family that lived in Russia under several of the different political regimes. One more horrific then the next. It is about how that family survived. The son, Pavel, ultimately meets an American girl, falls in love and goes to America to marry her. The marriage has failed and now the Russians have to attempt to sabotage him into helping them. Does it work?

All I can promise you is that this book will give you the shivers--too much of it is what is happening now or has happened in our recent past. Once you have read this you will want to read The Great Game and I want to read the third book whenever it comes out.

About the Book: (from BookBub)

Pavel Rostin has taken too many chances. Once a promising physicist, he abandoned science for finance and risked everything on a speculative venture. Careless and rogue, he gambled with his personal relationships. As Pavel tries to pick up the pieces of his life, a call from Russia informs him that his father is dead.

When Pavel follows his father’s footsteps trying to solve the mystery of his death, he turns up some inexplicable clues. The investigation draws him deeper and deeper into his family’s past — and his country’s future. From starving 1941 Leningrad to free-wheeling Moscow of the mid-1990s to bubbly 2006 Wall Street, Pavel uncovers a web of money, murder, revenge and evidence of a plot involving the world’s superpowers. The choices of right and wrong don’t look as clear cut as in newspaper headlines. But is he just a pawn in someone else’s game?

The Metronome is the first book in The Counterpoint trilogy and a prequel to the already published The Great Game.

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About the Author: (from

D. R. Bell is a pen name. I grew up in the former Soviet Union, now live in the US with my family and an old beagle. I have graduate degrees in business and engineering and spent many years writing boring technical, business, and legal papers. This is my first attempt at writing fiction and I loved every minute of it.

The Great Game has been influenced by my growing in a communist society, the society that was started with noble intentions – but the end result of good intentions was a nightmare. The rights of individuals were being trampled in the name of the “greater cause”. The calls to equality were masking an advantaged elite gathering wealth at the expense of everyone else. I am not sure all the Americans appreciate how fragile a true democracy can be.

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Beck Valley Books said...

Some of the harsh history has a way of making you feel like that doesn't it. I could definitely read this one myself glad I popped over.

Eat To Live said...

Some of these books like this are so on target with what is happening in our world. Scary when you think about it.

wpo1408 said...

This story interests me as I studied Russian language and history in the Seventies both in Britain, Leningrad (then) and Kalinin (near Moscow). I will be looking into this book

Scott said...

I just started reading a book about Russian history (quite amazing stuff IMO). Wonder how accurate this book is compared to a history book.

Jen said...

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. I will put this on my list!

Lesley said...

Thank you for your in depth book review, I have actually been thinking about reading this series, I really enjoy this particular genre of books. Historical places and stories are always the most appealing to me.

C. Mahan said...

I don't know what it is about stories in Russia that I find so intriguing. You review so many great books. I have no idea where to start. My GoodReads list keeps growing.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like a very intriguing read indeed. I will have to read the others also. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

You have tons of great reads to follow up on! This is another one!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very suspenseful book. Thanks for the recommendation

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