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Book Review-Blackout-Jan Christensen

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This is a gripping story of a girl who has total amnesia. She is picked up at the side of the road and taken to the town Valleyview by a part time preacher, part time maintenance worker at a nursing home. She is taken to the home of Hannah where she will be safe. Once her battered body is healed she gets a job at the nursing home. A lot of internal talking goes on in "Alice's" head-but that isn't her real name-she made it up along with her age so she could work, as she tries to figure out just who she really is.

At the nursing home people are dying. With each death "Alice" remembers a bit more. "Alice's" life slowly unfolds until all is revealed. You will not have guessed what "Alice's" story really is.

About the Book (from Amazon)

Who is she? Battered and bruised, she first becomes aware of her total loss of memory while walking on a dark, lonely road. Before she arrives in an unfamiliar town called Valleyview, she makes up a name–Alice Strong--and claims she’s eighteen. Her injuries heal and she accepts a job at the local nursing home. During her first day of work, a patient passes away, posed as if ready for burial. Alice can’t understand why the death of an old woman she doesn’t know hits her so hard. When a second resident dies in the same position, the director of nurses, Betty Cranston, is positive residents are being murdered. She fears for her paralyzed mother. And she suspects Alice.

Alice must remember her past to help prove her innocence. When she remembers this wasn’t her first blackout, dread holds her back because what she does recall might all disappear a third time. Can she piece her puzzle together before the killer strikes again? Should she even try?

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About the Author (from Amazon)

Jan Christensen grew up in New Jersey and now resides in Texas. 'Revelations" is her second published novel, more gritty than her first one, "Sara's Search."

She's had over fifty short stories appear in various places over the last dozen years, two of which were nominated for a Derringer Award. She has a series of short stories called the Artie Crimes about an intrepid burglar who always seems to get entangled in some woman's dilemma. Three of her previously published short stories are in the "Warning Signs 1" collection, with more to come.

Jan mainly enjoys writing mysteries, but every once in awhile steps out of that comfort zone and goes for something else. When not writing and reading, she's hanging out on most of the social networking sites and doing email. Learn more at her website:


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Jenn said...

I love the cover. Just the image alone would make me want to read this book.

Scott said...

I have no idea how you are able to read so many books! Where do you find the time? I'm lucky to get one a month done.

Rebecca Swenor said...

Just reading your review I must say that I need to run out and get a copy of the is book. It sounds like such a thriller. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

This sounds absolutely fascinating! I just love books like this! And I'm with Scott, How do you find the time to read so many books? I'm jealous!

Rebecca said...

This sounds intriguing I would definitely want o read it.

SavingsInSeconds said...

I really want to read the book now, so that I can find out what the mystery of her amnesia is!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like a white knuckle read! Death, amnesia, mystery. This book has it all!

Maria said...

Seems like a story full of complex layers. I love getting sucked into a story like that.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

Sounds like a mystery! I love to read, only wish I had more time to do it.

Marika said...

Wow this is a gripping story, will add it to my TBR pile.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I've always been interested in the conditions that cause people to have amnesia. This book looks very engaging to read.

Savannah said...

I love stories that keep you guessing! And with Alice having no memory I can imagine it would have been quite the story seeing her piece together who she really is.

Fathima Syed Ali said...

Sounds like a mysterious and interesting story on Amnesia by Jan Christensen . I hope Alice could prove her innocence finally

Uplifting Families Parenting Advice said...

Wow, I couldn't imagine having amnesia. You read so many great books. I wish that I had more time devoted to reading.

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