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ebody Spa Collection GA- #1EcoClean -US-Ends 6/9

Thursday, June 5, 2014

eBody Spa Collection Giveaway June 5-9, 2014 Open to US

I would love to own this spa set. I need a towel that really wisks away moisture and quickly! They look so luxurious!

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eBody Spa Collection towelsSponsored by eCloth Organized by Celebrate Woman Today

It's a pure delight to see more and more products popping up in the market place that are chemical-free and ecologically-friendly. eCloth is one of the first companies that developed a friendly fabric that cleans with water only. 

Since their first eCloth, the company has become more sophisticated developing different product categories for home and personal care. Today, we'd love to introduce to you their new eBody Spa Collection.

Towels, cleansing mitts and pads would truly make your drying and cleansing experience top notch. The soft surface would provide a cuddly experience. And the tiny fibers would lock 99% of bacteria, including E.coli and Listeria (per clinical testing by the internationally accredited Silliker Group). What not to like about this eBody experience? Everybody would benefit: from kids to dads and moms. Just imagine what your makeup removal experience could become with one of the eBody face cleansing mitts!

eBody Spa Collection exfoliating body mitt

Look what this amazing, quickly absorbent eBody Spa Collection includes:

1 Luxury Hand Towel 1 Luxury Bath Towel 1 Face Cleansing Mitt 1 Exfoliating Body Mitt

All eBody products boast of Millions of micro-drying fibers that quickly wick away moisture and lock it inside their structure – absorbing 4 times more moisture than cotton at twice the speed.

Would you like to own this eBody Spa Collection? Actually, it's that very spa collection would own you with your very first use!



   Prize – eBody Spa Collection, $100 Value

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Ends at 11:59pm EDT on June 9, 2014

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Unknown said...

This giveaway would be for me

Julia said...

I think I'd like to keep it for myself

Sherry Butcher said...

I would keep this for myself, I sure could use the towels and mite.

Erika Marie said...

Oh I would tuck it away for myself :D I need it more than anyone I know anyways! LOL

Pink Dot Dash said...

It's hard to say. I like pretty and indulgent bath products, so I might keep it for myself; but I also like to gift people that I love! I don't know just yet!

Unknown said...

I would keep it for myself. I need toiletries.

Kimberly B. said...

i would gift it to my mom

Gayle S said...

I would keep this prize package for myself. I love it when I find products that help me to feel pampered. Thanks for the opportunity.

Happy Gardening, Kim said...


Debbie said...

After 50 years, I'm finally learning to treat myself so this would be all mine!

Leela said...

I'd love it for myself :)

Kaddyshack said...

This intrigues me. I would keep it for myself.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Gift for my daughter

Teresa Thompson said...

I would keep it for myself.

kec200 said...

I think I'd have to keep this one!

Unknown said...

Not to sound greedy, but i would keep it for myself!

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