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American Tea Room-$5.00 off Orders of $15.00-ends 2/28

Friday, February 14, 2014

This is an advertisement and yes, I am an affiliate-but I have to admit I really do love their tea! This is an advertisement written by American Tea Room.

Get a healthy boost and satisfying, summer-y sip from delicious green tea

Nirvana Green Tea If you're missing the fresh fruit and sunshine of summer, plan a little getaway with these green teas I've discovered. They're refreshing over ice, light and fruity when warm, and pack a great immunity boost, too. A steep or two a day and it's almost like the end of winter is in sight.

Immortal Green Tea is my new addiction. In Taoism, peaches are considered to be an “elixir of life,” and there are stories of a peach tree that granted immortality to all who consumed its fruit. The peachy aroma of this green tea is truly enchanting and the taste is as vibrantly flavorful as the fruit itself.

When I'm more in the mood for berries, I reach for Nirvana Green Tea. So delicious -- lightly fruity, but not too much, with berries, figs and kiwi to tickle my tastebuds. The aroma itself puts me in a good mood whenever I brew this warm, comforting sencha.

Bliss Organic Green/White Tea Blend is very fragrant, but the taste is surprisingly mellow. The white tea balances out the slight bitterness of the green tea nicely. While it smells really fruity, the fruit just adds a slight sweetness that is pleasingly subtle. Care to join me on this little summer vacation? Visit American Tea Room today and save $5 on your order over $15 with code TEAFIVE. Valid until 3/1!!

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