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Where Do You Recycle Books?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

As everyone probably knows I do a LOT of book reviews and book review/giveaways!! At the moment I am SWAMPED in books I have already read. They are in my living room, dining room, bedroom, on the floor (thanks to Baby who likes banging them there to wake me up!). There are a couple of books that maybe I will save for a second reading or to giveaway on my blog—but the rest? And for the icing on the cake—I have somehow hurt my rotocuff thus it is not easy for me to lug them around to various places. I WILL NOT THROW THEM OUT!!! Too many people can not afford to buy books and I have always believed that books and the reading of them is possibly the best thing that anyone can do.

You would think it would be easy to donate books—Well, the last time I had to fight with the local hospital to take a bunch and my local library only takes them at certain times of the year! This morning I went on an internet search for places in my area that take book donations. I did find some places not too far from where I live and the type of place actually surprised me! I will be calling them early next week to see if they want some books.


The 3 Hospitals listed are not that close to me—but always try hospital volunteer departments that are near you—you never know!! Some hospitals actually have a book cart that the patients can borrow (or take home) to read.

The Salvation Army is always a great place to contact-I will have to call the store near me to see if they are still accepting books and if they pick up! (1-800-SA-Truck)

Neighborhood Health Centers and Open Door Family Centers-This one surprised me and there are 2 near where I live.

The VA also accepts books and I may give them a call—the only problem being that you have to leave the box outside and they will not give you a specific time-not good for where I live. ( www.pickupplease.org )

Check your local library—sometimes their volunteers have book sales.

At least I now have a starting point—and so do you!!

***I was driving to a client today and what did I spy? A collection bin for BOOKS!! Now why did I never notice that before!!

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Tammy said...

You could put a list of them up and people could donate money to your blog for a book off of your list.

I'm sure you would some books I would live. :)

Erin said...

Oh how I love books! I too have a ton of them! A book giveaway on your blog would be pretty neat! Thanks for the great ideas on what to do with old books! ;-)

Unknown said...

yes we do recycle and resale books.:) but most of our books goes to our own library that currently building.

Sofia @ From PDX with Love said...

I would love to be able to recycle books. The problem is that my boys go through phases where they destroy their books instead of sleeping.

Donating books to hospitals sounds like a great idea!

Tamara @ Mommyland said...

I never knew it would be so hard to donate books. I am like you I have stacks and boxes of books everywhere. Hubby said he can't figure out how I know whats read whats not. Thank you for sharing these tips.

Melinda Dunne said...

Another place that used to take books is the MWR or the Fisher House (military communities). I usually take my books to a local book store where you can turn in books and get credit for more.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I always pass mine along to friends or leave in hotel room with my first name and city.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I only have one bookshelf full of books and I am not adding more. I sent my children's books though to my nieces and nephews in the Philippines.

Corinne said...

Great suggestions! Where I live we also have several used book sellers where you can actually turn your books in for cash. 2nd&Charles is a popular chain but there are also many individually-owned stores that are typically pretty easy to find with a simple google search.

Anonymous said...

I take all of mine to a nursing home. The people love when I come in. If they are children books, then they go to local foster children. Love your suggestions though.

Nova said...

Donating is the best way we can do to get rid of the things we don't use anymore. For there are others who might be able to use them and makes them happy and save. Sharing is always the BEST

Becca Wilson said...

Our libraries and hospitals here take them. Makes it nice or you could always take them to the thrift. I know that our CHKD Thrift here in town has a whole half a wall of books :)

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