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Where Do You Buy Pre-Made Diabetic Friendly Foods?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ok-I have gotten my Type 2 Diabetes under control, mostly. I have lost lots of weight and am still losing. You know what my biggest problem is—I’m single—it is very hard to cook for a single person—much less keep to a specific diet. I personally dislike leftovers and get tired of eating the same thing day in and day out. Most recipes are for 4 or more people-everyone talks about “family” recipes. It is not always possible to make these recipes for 1 person and likely not cost effective, at least not for a 1 person household!

When I go to a regular supermarket, I automatically put on my reading glasses. Hey, that nutritional information on any of the side panels is in print that is VERY small. As a diabetic I have to know the carbohydrate count (you can minus out the fiber count from the carbohydrate count) and the sugar count. I personally also watch the sodium—everyone should but for me it is the taste-I do not like an excessive taste of salt! Due to the fact that I also control my gallbladder with diet I have to be especially careful of the fat content-Olive Oil will have me in dire pain for hours!! And my cholesterol is mildly high. I can not take the medicine for that as it affected me adversely-so I have to watch out for that as well. There is no way I will ever be a vegetarian –humans were meant to be omnivores (both meat and veggie eaters)-and I like both!

I remember my Doctor pushing salad and yogurt—well at this point I am tired of salad and anything with milk spikes my blood sugar! I have switched to Almond Milk. Cherrios (plain) was his breakfast cereal of choice and I do still eat it-but am beginning to NOT eat breakfast again because I am tired of it and really do not want to cook in the morning. Eggs, I have to be careful-cholesterol. I am finding myself buying foods that are not so good for me!!

Supermarkets have SOME foods that are diabetic friendly-not very many. Health food stores-lets just say that “healthy” food is NOT for diabetics (read the labels)! Can you find individual sized portions of diabetic friendly foods on the internet? There are diet plans where pre-prepared meals are sent directly to your home. Some of these plans are diabetic friendly, but expensive and again I am afraid that I would get bored really quickly.

I am about to go on an internet quest to find out if there are any on-line stores which sell food (not snacks, cookies, etc) that is really diabetic friendly. Once I find a couple and try them out I will write another post and let everyone know!

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Unknown said...

I have a store near me that sells diabetic foods. It is so important to learn more about diabetic foods!

Healy Harpster said...

I am not diabetic but I can relate to you when it comes to left overs, I don't like eating the same food the next day! I hope you will find a store online that sell foods for diabetic people.

Christy Maurer said...

I really do need to start counting my carbs. My sister is diabetic and my blood sugar is 101 fasting. I know that's not bad, but it could get worse if I don't watch. Hope you find some convenient foods to share!

Vicki said...

Anything with milk spikes your sugar? Wow, I never even thought to check my sugar after eating something with milk in it. I'll have to do that and see what the results are!

The only thing I can think of to help you is to either cut the recipe in half or thirds, or make recipes that are freezable and freeze the extra portions to eat at a later time.

Saving4Five said...

I'm on a diet after having my 4th baby, so I totally relate to having to watch what I eat. I hope you find a store close that will make it easier on you!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I don't mind eating left overs but my kids and hubby doesn't like it so I always cook the right portion for the four of us. Must be hard to have a diabetes but glad that you got it under control already.

Marms @ Mhar's Display said...

I was diabetic when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy. My dietician recommended a list of meals that will help me lower the carbohydrate and sugar intake. I still have the list.

Amanda Tempel said...

I would say Whole Foods. That is where I get most of my health foods.

Unknown said...

Depending on what the leftovers are determines if I will actually eat them. When my husband travels and the kids aren't home it seems crazy for me to cook for just myself so I tend to not eat as healthy.

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