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Five Ways to Be a Leader in Today’s World

Friday, February 1, 2013

Whether working in the field of public relations, media, human resources, social services, or work in the corporate world, having effective leadership and communication skills is imperative to creating a productive work environment. Some of the skills can be acquired through life and work experiences. However, there are advances in these fields that having a Master of Arts in Communication & Leadership Studies degree would help acquire. With advances in technology, the ever shrinking global environment, as well as formal and informal communication networks, an advanced studies degree can be an invaluable asset.
Leadership in its simplest definition is the ability to influence others to achieve goals. The attributes to effectively influence others is central to understanding leadership. Through communication, a business can be most successful when all objectives of the organization are achieved effectively. For an organization to be most effective, all the people of the organization must be able to convey their message properly. Over time the ideas about communication and leadership have evolved through the continuing advancement of technology. Progress in these fields are broad and include communications and media psychology.

Leadership in Today's World

Effective leadership and communication is essential for professional success whether it is at the interpersonal level, within work groups, through internal organizational, or at an external level. Most importantly, the skills and knowledge acquired are only as valuable as an individual’s ability to apply them. These are the primary components needed in this type of advanced studies program.

Learning theory and cutting-edge work in leadership and communication, media literacy, writing, multimedia design, all with the aid of modern technology, are just some of the areas that students learn while acquiring a Masters of Arts in Communication & Leadership Studies. In most of these programs students are able to work directly with the Professionals and Scholars who can guide and teach from a practical standpoint. Many include workshops to learn the practical application of new skills.

Variety of Institutions Available

There are numerous programs available for acquiring these advanced studies. There are in-school and online programs. There are important factors that students should consider when looking for the perfect program. One of these is convenience. Most students are also working full time, which means there schedules may be restricted. Having flexibility of classes, or even an online option may be a key to a student’s success in acquiring a Masters of Arts in Communication & Leadership Studies. Additionally, the school a student selects should provide the most comprehensive program available that includes real life practical application opportunities. Not all programs will provide these types of workshops. There should also be the potential for intern programs, where students that need this extra real world application opportunity will have them available.

There is no doubt that in some careers, such as public relations and media design the Master of Arts in Communication & Leadership Studies is an absolute requirement. No matter the work environment or professional field, having effective skills in communication and leadership are essential, and worth the time invested. Additionally these added skills can make the difference in professional advancement, especially in such a competitive market.

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Christy Maurer said...

Very thorough review! It is really important to have great communication skills in the work force.

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I really enjoyed this post and I agree with you that communication is the key.

Unknown said...

Communication is the center of our lives. Whether it be work, family, relationships or in the spiritual arena. Great post and very thorough review! Thanks for sharing! :)

Unknown said...

I need to try communicating better with my husband too we seem to be having a disconnect this winter. Cant lead in our homes either if that is unbalanced. thx for the post

jheylo said...

it's tough to become a leader. One must be strong and ready to face all the challenges in life. I'm ok to be a followers though hehehhe. I think patience and open communication should be a key to become a good leader

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