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5 Degrees that Can Boost Your Leadership Potential

Friday, February 1, 2013

Effective leadership is a skill and has a direct effect on the ability of an organization to fulfill its goals. For example, leadership has a great deal to do with the rate of staff turnover; skilled workers often cite ineffective leadership as one of the reasons for leaving a place of employment. There are certain degrees that are helpful in preparing students for positions where their judgment and ability to influence others are the keys to success, they include:

1. Master of Public Administration Degree

At some online universities, students get to choose between two concentrations when pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree: one that focuses on human resources management, the other on public affairs management. Whether an individual works in law enforcement, healthcare or another government area, the skills taught in the Master of Public Administration Online degree course will prepare them to lead others towards a common goal. The coursework will include public policy, administrative law along with instruction on how to manage a diverse workplace. The applications for this degree are not limited to government work as it prepares students to handle leadership positions within private companies and nonprofits as well.

2. Master of Science in Management Degree

One of the jobs of a leader in business involves knowing how to get the best productivity from workers. Technology has revolutionized business over the course of the last few decades and this course includes teaching on the use of business technology, including information systems. The course provides all the tools needed for success in the fields of finance, information technology and healthcare.

3. Master of Science in Higher Education

The point of this degree is to prepare graduates for work in universities, as well as in government or corporate offices across the US. Students will gain an understanding of how a college affects the community around it and also develop skills in research and the use of various types of learning software and technology. Those seeking this degree may choose to specialize in such areas as student development, managing enrollment or adult education.

4. Human Resources Master’s Degree

The implementation of human resources development strategies often forms part of the leadership role in many organizations. Students taking this degree course will learn how to manage human resources programs and how to evaluate the effectiveness of a human resources program. They will gain an understanding of the impact and benefits of human resources programs.

5. Master of Science in Computer Information Science Online Degree

The design and wide-scale implementation of software in a business setting requires both technical and managerial skills. The development process for software requires organization and teamwork. This course can provide an education both in the technical areas of software architecture and in efficiently focusing the skills of a group on the task at hand. Students will learn to analyze and design software, as well as test and implement what they have learned so as to gain practical experience.

All of these online programs are designed to meet the needs of working adults who have responsibilities and who may not be able to attend school full-time. The goal of an online education is to provide a virtual environment that provides all the benefits of a brick and mortar classroom. When pursuing an online degree it is important to choose an established school that provides its students with a credentialed and experienced faculty to ensure that the highest level of education is delivered.

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Mudpiesandtiaras said...

Hmmmm, interesting but not sure I buy it. It seems every job wants YEARS of specific experience. I don't think these would do a lot of good unless you got them while already working in that field.

Just Short said...

If I ever had any desire to go back and complete my Masters I would think of studying for the Public Admin degree. Thankfully, I'm happy enough being a writer and blogger :) Thanks for sharing this list. i think its important to know what the "key" degrees are for future employment.

Erin Slocum said...

I have a bachelors of science in nursing. Don't think I'd go back for anything else. Someday maybe a masters in nursing.

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Hey Michele, I got the Degree #1 from Dallas Baptist University!! Finally finished when I was 34. Never too late to go to school!!

Unknown said...

An interesting list of degrees . I'm not sure I'll be going back but I do have 2 children in high school who need to be thinking about what they want to do one day.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I won't be getting a masters any time soon. I don't even have a bachelors yet. I might go back one day but right now I am a mother of 3 and plan to homeschool.

Danielle S said...

These are degrees that will certainly get you a top paying job! My youngest daughter just got her bachelor's in Applied Physics, and now plans to get her doctorate.

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