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Transform Your Home on a Budget for 2013

Friday, December 21, 2012

The year of 2012 is slowly coming to a close. But, aside from being a time of partying and celebration, this time of year also signifies something much more meaningful for many of us; it quite often signifies a time of reflection – a time where we think about everything that has gone on in our lives in the last 12 months.

And, it’s usually through these reflections that we try and make resolutions in order to ensure the brand new year is even more successful than the last. Commonly, these include things like “I must try and be more on time”, or “I must work harder at work”, or even “I must try and cut back on the chocolate”. And, although these are perfectly valid resolutions that will help to make your 2013 more successful, for many, their resolutions are made around the material aspects of their lives that they’d like to change – things like, their homes. I’m sure that those who make such resolutions would love to up sticks and move to somewhere new, but realistically, it’s just not financially viable. But, just because you can’t physically move doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do anything about. Because, in order to help you make the new year the most amazing yet, here are a few ways you can transform your home beyond recognition, so you can start the new year, with a ‘new’ home, for 2013:

The Lounge

You used to love your lounge; it was a place where you’d go to relax, unwind and put your feet up after a hard day at the office. But, now, as you’re sitting on your couch and looking at the room around you, you realize that it now just looks completely dated - time for a change. But, where on earth do you start to make it look fresh and new?

Well, if this is you and you’re looking for ways to change your lounge without spending a fortune, then there are a few simple ways you can transform it beyond recognition, whilst making sure you’re not left out of pocket.

If your lounge is a little on the small side and you’d love for a bigger space then all you need to do is buy yourself a big mirror - yes, that’s right; It really is that simple – and it’ll be far more cost effective then trying to knock down walls! Buy a frameless mirror and pop it above your fireplace and it’ll instantly open up the room and create the illusion of a much bigger space.

If you’re sick of your old sofa or tired of the laminate flooring you put down last year, then the New Year is the perfect time to purchase a new items – big furniture giants often have their biggest sales at the end of the year, just after Christmas. So, if you’ve had your eye on a gorgeous corner piece all year or that gorgeous carpeting, then now’s the perfect time to grab them!

Your Bedroom

As your bedroom is the last room you see before you fall asleep and the first one when you wake up, it’s only natural that you want to do so in a calming and peaceful environment.

But, if you find that walking up in your bedroom instantly makes you feel stressed out because of the plain magnolia walls you’ve been dying to change for years, or the mismatched furniture, then here are a few tips you could follow in order to completely transform your bedroom area.

So, you’d love to decorate your bedroom with that lovely decorative wallpaper you’ve seen, but you feel like you can’t get it as you’re terrified over what the final price to decorate the whole room with it, would be. Well, with this idea you can decorate it with that lovely wallpaper and you can afford to do it – with a feature wall. Feature walls have become increasingly popular simply due to their ability to make any room look effortlessly sophisticated, for a fraction of the price.

All you need to do is choose your wallpaper and choose your desired wall, and off you go! To give you some ideas, classic feature walls normally consist of ones backing or at the foot of the bed.

Your Bathroom

From having a bath or shower, to brushing our teeth or putting on make-up, we spend an astonishing amount of time in our bathrooms everyday. So, it’s important that they get a little sprucing up from time to time, too.

But, splashing out on a brand new bathroom suite can get pricey – after all, the old one has to be completely ripped out, and you can end up spending a fortune on a new one to be fitted in its place.

But, you can add a whole dimension to your bathroom completely for a much more affordable price - with a bathroom TV. Simply mount one on the wall facing your bath or shower, and you can enjoy your favorite programs whilst you’re winding down in the bath, or catch up on the morning news when you jump in for your shower.

However, if this doesn’t take your fancy, then you can also do some smaller bathroom DIY tricks. Things like changing your bathroom window blinds, to adding more mirrors, changing the color scheme of your bathroom accessories, as well as the ornaments, can all make your bathroom look that little bit different. And, what’s more doing so, will cost you next to no

With all these techniques, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a DIY expert to carry out the changes. Simply acquire the help of your family and friends, or check out the Internet for expert DIY advice, such as News from Transducer Techniques.

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Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Yes, we will have some major changes around my house next year!!! Bathroom first! May need expert help with that project!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Wahoo!! We are doing our basement this year! This is great knowledge!

OurHopeIsInTheLord said...

This is exciting for you:)

Jenn @ said...

Great tips!!

Unknown said...

We just got a new roof. I think it will be awhile before we make more changes.

Kelly Stilwell said...

We are building an addition for gaming for our teens. Can't wait to get the wires and games out of my family room!

Anonymous said...

I have been slowly working on our house, we have been here 4 years and I still have not moved everything in from the garage. That is my must do this year is to finally make this house a home.

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

I like your idea about a big mirror to create more {perceived} space. I have been thinking about hanging one at the end of my hall to make it look longer. :)


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