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The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 5, 2012

I was one of the lucky ones--power back after only 48 hours--no damage other then having to throw most of the food away in my refrigerator and freezer. And until the new storm-the Nor-Easter has passed us by-am buying only a very little at a time! Canned veggies, boxed cereal, one small package of hamburger, container of Almond Milk and 6 eggs which I have already hard boiled!! I have essentially stayed home the entire time.

But this week I may be in trouble!! I am supposed to go to work today in Mamaroneck- but I can not contact the people-and yes, I am worried about them!! The power finally came on in NJ where I work 3 days a week which means on Tuesday I really gotta get there-my boss is away on a business trip and I am the only other one who can sign checks or make transfers etc. Wednesday--up to Mahopac---

GAS--I need GAS to get to all these places!! I used up most of what I had driving to NJ on Friday so I could hand write 40 paychecks!! And up until yesterday at least the lines were impossible, stretching 5 or so blocks--I will be going out today to see if I can get some--and tomorrow is Election Day--if I have to walk I will get to that polling place!!

I am NOT complaining--I have it easy compared to those who lost everything and have no place to stay. My thoughts and prayers are continuously going out to them--and I am praying that the Nor'easter never materializes!!

If you are able to--please donate to the relief funds near you or volunteer your time!!

There is one living, breathing entity who is thrilled however--

Moma has stayted home wit me!!!

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