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Guest Post - Merry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sheila Roberts tells us why she writes!! Pick up your copy of Merry Ex-Mas at Amazon:


People often ask me how long I’ve been writing, or how I come up with my story
ideas, but they rarely ask me why I write. Maybe that’s because they figure the
answer is obvious. You write because you love to. Well, true. I do. I have a great
time sitting at my computer and spinning out stories.
But there are other reasons why I write. I call them writing bonuses. One of those
bonuses is getting a chance to taking pleasure in a job well done. When I read a
funny scene I’ve written, when I make myself laugh, well, that’s just plain fun.
Rather like having a fabulous volleyball smash or hitting a golf ball long and
straight. It’s not so fun when I discover a mistake in a book that’s already been
published. Wah. Not so fun when I read something I wrote a couple years ago and
think, I could have done that better. Double Wah. But for the most part, I enjoy
seeing those words appear on my computer screen, and later, on paper. Once in
awhile I’m downright profound!

Another bonus is the fun that comes along with a finished book. I think
promoting a book is nearly as much fun as writing one. I’ve promoted my novels
in any number of ways in the past, but the music video we made that goes along
with Merry Ex-mas has got to hit the top of the list for a great time. (Check out
Merry Christmas Mama on Youtube and you’ll see me in action.) That was quite
the party. The Tracyton Pub allowed us to come in one Sunday evening and
take over. And take over we did, redecorating and making the place look like
Christmas in April (which is when we filmed). It was an unseasonably hot night
and there we all were in our Christmas sweaters, sweltering. But what a hoot.
That was some party and one I’ll always remember with a big smile.

Speaking of parties, I love to entertain. So when I have a book out I get into party
mode. I have a great time thinking up games to play, finding party favors, and
putting together gift baskets. And I have a great time visiting with readers.
And that brings me to the biggest bonus of all: readers. I can’t think of anything
more rewarding than getting a chance to visit with people who love books. And
when someone tells me she loved mine, it makes my day. Yes, we writers love
to write, but it’s no fun to write without someone to write for. So let me just say
thank you to all of you who put down hard earned money for a book, who take
time out of your busy day to read the stories people like me dream up. You’re the
best bonus of all.

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Irish Italian Blessings said...

I'm definitely going to check this out! Sounds like a great author and great book!

Sam Buck said...

What a super-fun author! I love her enthusiasm for her readers. :)

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Love the writer's voice in her writing! I'm going to check this book out!

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