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Does Your Cat look at Your Reflection in the Window?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I just noticed this the other day--Baby will stare for hours at my reflection in the window. And if that reflection moves (I stretch in my chair for instance) she really makes sure to watch-even if she has to stretch her neck. Intermittently she looks at me-then back at the window. One way or another Baby keeps track of me!! Now I have had dogs in my life but none of them used to dog my footsteps like this cat does!!

When she sleeps--she is dead to the world--and I mean seriously--so to make sure I don't leave the house without her knowing she "naps" in a shopping cart that has some old stuff that I was going to throw out in it right near the front door. The door opens and her little head pops up and she gives me her sad stare. Baby's eyes are extremely expressive.

Yes, she is a rescue and I really wish I knew what happened to her before she came to her furever home with me--but all in all she is a loving little girl (even when she plays tag you're it with my leg or decides that I have spent enough time on the 'puter and need to watch TV!!) Did I mention that Baby is extremely stubborn (and VOCAL-she loves to talk to me)?

Well, she is calling me now---so I will stop typing and go see what her majesty wants-----

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Unknown said...

I love how unique each animal's personality is! Baby sounds like she is a lot of fun to have around. My little Lumen also likes to kick me off the computer (easily accomplished by standing in front of the screen or laying on the keyboard).

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