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Book Review/Giveaway (Basket & sub) - The Bloody Mary Club - Debbie Dyke-11/29

Thursday, November 15, 2012

According to the Acknowledgements this was originally written as a screen play for a TV series—but never quite made it—at least, according to Debbie Dyke, she got a mink coat out of it! Now I certainly do not like that it was real mink (and I had a dog who actually attacked people wearing real fur coats!!) but at least Debbie Dyke got PAID for all the craziness she was put through.

First off let me say I really enjoyed reading this book! It was not the easiest to follow-corruption and greed all over the place. Well, what do you expect—stockbrokers and bankers! And lots of drinking—specially made Bloody Mary’s for all 4 of the club members. Even some belly dancing from the character you would least expect. Danger and near death scenes—of course!! A dastardly cold blooded handsome man who thinks he can outsmart women? Of course!!

I don’t want to spoil this for you so that is all I am going to say--------but here is the recipe for the Bloody Mary from the book:

“Here’s a hot tip: After a grueling day of buying and selling stocks, I like to unwind with a made-to-order delicious bloody-well prepared drink. Since I am so particular about my Bloody Mary pick-me-up, I thought I’d share my recipe with you in the hope that if I ever visit, I will get the perfect Bloody Mary with minimal instruction. Enjoy! Gina Van Story

The Perfect Bloody Mary


Russian Vodka, 150 Proof Tabasco Sauce
Tomato juice (freshly Lemon
Squeezed Roma Tomatoes, Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
Otherwise, juice from a
Bottle not a can Crushed ice, no cubes
Worcestershire sauce

Garnish with colossal shrimp. My girlfriends rev their garnish motors with pickles, celery, fat olives and lime wedges.


Fill a crystal glass with half crushed ice. Pour in a healthy amount of vodka; add two squirts of Worcestershire sauce, four dunks of Tabasco sauce. Squeeze a wedge of lime over top, the run the wedge around the rim and add it to the glass. Fill it with freshly squeezed tomato juice, salt and pepper the top. Drape a few shrimps.
Slip in the Boz Scaggs “Silk Degrees” CD and lido shuffle down that tantalizing red liquid remedy. “

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