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Hurricane Sandy amd Other Natural Occurances

Sunday, October 28, 2012

First off I'd like to say STAY SAFE everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy. I keep kinda hoping it will drift off to sea--far off--but all indications are-it won't.

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and other Natural occurrences are happening with greater frequency and are larger and more dangerous then ever before. I do believe that climate change caused by man has caused some of this--but not all. The normal cycles of the earth has a lot to do with it also. We just made it worse!! For example--the Hudson River was created by a giant glacier--all those mountains--some were created by the tectonic plates colliding and some from volcanic eruptions. And all of this happened many many many many years ago!

Below I have included some (there are literally thousands) of the websites you can go and research this for yourself.

For people who home school -great interactive info for the kids on the cycles of the earth

For more info on the Hudson river

For more info on how mountains are created

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Sherryl Wilson said...

Thanks for the information and links.

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Out in the "Wilderness" with NO TV and low connection....This sounds like something I'd like to read, but will have to do it some other time. Keep in abreast on any hurricanes.

Kelli Avery said...

I agree the storms we have seen lately are definitely intensifying. Being from Northwest PA I am slightly nervous for this storm heading our way, but deeply concerned for those on the coast. I hope they all are safe, and have evacuation and safety plans intact and ready to go. We are all hoping for the best, preparing for the worst!

Unknown said...

we are in richmond and schools have been closed. need to get one more halloween costume so going to head out b/f noon wienn the worst is going ot start

Alisha K said...

Praying for everyone in the path of Frakenstorm. Thank you for the links, the kids will love it.

Amanda @ Survival Guide said...

I am originally from new orleans so I know how dangerous hurricanes can be! Thanks for sharing this!

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