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Best Websites for Baby Tips-Guest Post

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When have a baby or are expecting a baby, you'll take all the tips you can get. Then, when baby comes along, you're likely to have more questions and concerns. Any help is greatly appreciated. You'll find plenty of baby tips online, but it can be challenging to sort through the maze of sites to find some that offer enough useful tips so you can bookmark the site as a handy reference guide. Here are some of the best websites for baby tips:


This is one of the most popular websites for baby tips and general parenting tips. You'll find suggestions on everything from car seats to homemade trick-or-treat ideas. Bookmark this site as a handy reference for your baby's development, from prenatal care through college prep.

2. WebMD

The popular medical reference site offers a variety of tips related to baby care. This includes infant development, baby nutrition, and a look at the pros and cons of bottle feeding and breastfeeding. You'll also find tips on budgeting for your new baby.


This site offers a variety of tips for new mothers and fathers, from swaddling your baby and monitoring your baby to how much napping is enough and whether or not baby should get attached to a blanket and for how long. You'll also find tips on how to feel better about going out for the evening without your baby for the first time.


This site is a good place to find more in-depth articles on issues relating to baby and infant care, from the advantages and disadvantages to have at least one parent stay at home to how to when you should start disciplining your child. You'll also find convenient links to related articles and posts from other sites. The site is easy to navigate and articles and posts are put into easy-to-find categories.


This site offers tips that start with pregnancy and continue through parenting tips for newborns, infants, and toddlers. You'll find a balance of issues ranging from baby care to issues such as working from home and how to transition back to the office. The site also offers interactive links to a related Facebook page and includes a parent's forum where parents can ask questions and share experiences.


This site offers advice that is uniquely divided into sections and articles geared towards mom's only or dad's only. You don't find too many sites that divide the advice like this to answer questions specific to new mothers and new fathers. New articles and posts are added on a regular basis, making this a handy reference. There's general advice for rising your baby too, along with video posts.


This site focuses on tips for prenatal care, newborns, and infant care. You can interact with other parents or expectant parents on the site's linked Facebook page or have baby tips sent directly to you via email. In addition to advice on nutrition, clothing, your baby's health, and diapering, you'll also find convenient links to resources such as baby supplies and classic children's books you can read to your child.


This site is a good source for first-time parents. The articles are clearly written and easy to follow. You'll find advice on how to handle your newborn, where to seek help with nursing and nanny care, feeding tips, the pros and cons of circumcision, bonding with baby, and what to do before and after you bring your baby home for the first time. Articles are easy to share with friends or print out for reference. You'll also find links to additional resources.


In addition to newborn care tips, this site also offers helpful tips for decorating your baby's nursery and related topics. You'll find answers to questions about whether or not to let your baby "cry it out" and when to expect the typical baby milestones such as walking and solid foods. Another nice feature of this site is baby videos that present visual presentations on issues such as breastfeeding.


If you're looking for a go-to reference guide for caring for your newborn, this is a site you need to bookmark. You'll find a bunch of articles on just about everything a new mom needs to know conveniently indexed.

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Sherryl Wilson said...

Lots of resources! Having a baby does come with lots of tips from friends and family alike. Always trust your are the parent.

Thanks for posting so many great sources in one place.

From PDX with Love said...

Great resources!! I don't have babies anymore (they are big kids now!) but I will pass this along to a friend of mine who is expecting her second! Thanks!

shelly said...

This is a great list of sites! I use many of them.

Audrey said...

Nice list. I am a part of a mom group locally that also has an online Facebook group where we are very active with sharing advice, asking questions of each other, etc. It is so helpful!

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Great list! Parents are never really prepared with the first baby. It's an on the job training!

Anonymous said...

What a great List! I usually use webMD but never heard of kidshealth. THanks for sharing

Amanda Tempel said...

This definitely seems like a good list! I'm not a parent yet - The thought of where to start scares me. At least now I know there are some awesome resources out there, for when that time does come.

Allyson Bossie said...

This is an excellent list of resources. I also used to frequent Cafe Mom because you can write in the forums and get answers from moms. Who better to ask than moms?

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