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Trees Can’t Dance-Chile Pepper Products Review

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I kind of always though of Chili Peppers as being grown in South America or other hot climes—Trees Can’t Dance chilis are grown in England clinging to a mountainside!!
As the owner says:

“It’s amazing what you can achieve if you live too far from the people who tell you it won’t work to hear them….”

Trees Can't Dance has everything a chili lover could want—chili sauce in bottles, marinades, pastes and spices, jams, chutneys and pickles, gifts and books as well as a place to find recipes -I just spent 2 hours going through every single tab. And then clicked through to their blog

And if you want to know how they came up with the name Trees Can’t Dance—you will just have to click here—I love the way all of this is written-extremely entertaining. And even if we can’t purchase in the US—for all you chili pepper lovers—there is LOTS of info you can use!

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