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Ringtons Beverages - A Review

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When I received my invoice for the tea bags I purchased from Victory Tea I noticed that it was actually from Rington’s Ltd. Being the inquisitive soul that I am I just had to go see if there were any other companies with maybe some more tea and coffee for sale!

Well it turns out that Ringtons Beverages is the wholesale division of Rington’s LTD. A company based in England which does sell worldwide. They sell primarily to hotels, catering halls, restaurants and other large establishments. They even help with training-you really have to go browse for yourself to see what this company does for it’s customers.

I was browsing through their website and actually saw a couple of items that would work for individuals as well—I especially liked a ceramic teapot with a strainer insert. It makes about 2 cups of tea—perfect!

I also fell in love with their cups and saucers-I love simplicity and UH OH they have
Peppermint tea as well as others (I may be in trouble cause they do ship to the US) and lots of different coffees! They even have yummy looking biscuits and chocolates

I don’t think (but am not positive) individuals can purchase direct—but if you or anyone you know is in the hospitality business—you gotta check this out!! Maybe if enough of us ask—they will sell to individuals!!

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Savannah said...

That would be amazing if they started to sell to individuals! I do know of person or two in the hospitality business that I will have to tell about Ringtons :)

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Love this site and what they have to offer. Let us know!!

Unknown said...

Now I need to make myself some tea!

Unknown said...

This sounds really interesting. That would be nice if they would sell to individuals.

Unknown said...

I have recently become a tea fan... the peppermint tea sounds great. I wonder if they distribute much in the US.

Kristyn said...

i love herbal peppermint tea :) so soothing

From PDX with Love said...

My husband loves tea...I prefer coffee, but love Early Grey with a dash of lime :D

And I love the ceramic teapot too!!

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

Ah coffee yet I still feel the pull to hot tea when it's cold outdoors. I may or may not have a few to many sets of cups and saucers...javascript:void(0)

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