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Is Baby a Sweetie or Tasmanian Devil?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have a day off today!! So why am I so tired--can't get myself to do much of anything--managed to get to the post office and mail some stuff out and went into the A&P to get some different Cat foods--Baby is not exactly finicky but if she doesn't like it--I hear it, very loudly, until that dish is cleared out and new contents put in---I'll figure it out eventually I guess. She likes Tuna Fish--how do I know this? I made myself some for lunch today--I was informed I had to share--she even ate some after the mayo was entered!!
At least she is not acting like the Tasmanian Devil today-she has a tendency to grab me and bite-just enough to hurt but not break skin when I am not doing exactly what she wants or more to the point what she does not want me doing!!- and yes there really is such a creature

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Dasyuromorphia
Family: Dasyuridae

The real Tasmanian Devil, Sarcophilus harrisii, is not all that different than the Warner Bros. cartoon character. A carnivorous marsupial found exclusively on the island of Tasmania, the Tasmanian devil is the size of a small dog but stockier and more muscular. Unlike it’s brown colored TV characterization the real Taz has black fur. Other “features” include an offensive smell when intimidated, loud and disturbing screeching, and of course the vicious temperament.

Although Tasmanian Devils are difficult to see, most visitors to the Tasmanian bush stand a very good chance of hearing them. Their noisy communal eating can often be heard several kilometers away. Tasmanian Devils will eliminate all traces of a carcass as they devour all bones and fur in addition to the meat and innards of a carcass. This has earned them the gratitude of Tasmanian farmers, as the speed at which they will clean a carcass helps prevent the spread of insects that might otherwise harm livestock.

Unfortunately, Tasmanian Devils are suffering under an outbreak of a sarcoma cancer spread by a virus and eventually causing death. Little is known about the virus, although it is assumed to be a retrovirus. However there is hope for the population, as it has been observed that the young Tasmanian Devils are not susceptible to the illness.

The Tasmanian Devil is probably best known internationally as the inspiration for an American cartoon character of the same name, which bears little resemblance to it.

Phylum: Catchabirdimus
Class: Bumblingfoolia
Order: Ravenous
Family: Eatitupious

The Warner Brothers cartoon character Tasmanian Devil was created by Robert McKimson and based on the real-life mammal found in Australia. The cartoon and the real-life animal have many similarities, a large appetite and spastic behaviors. Although the cartoon version doesn’t really look a lot like the live mammal it does have several references to some other types of devils. His hair is in a horn shape like the biblical devil and he swirls in a tornado shape like a dust devil.

The cartoon Tasmanian Devil also known as Taz, is always hungry and will eat anything and everything in his path including trees, mountains, cars, and entire buildings. His ravenous appetite is usually the center of the plot for McKimson’s stories including Devil May Hare (released June 19, 1954). In this classic episode Taz is after Bugs. The ever suave bunny is merely annoyed by the beast due to his lack of skills in conversation, he just growls and slobbers and is not all that smart. Bug’s solution is of course to hook him up with an equally idiotic female devil with whom he get s married and takes off in a jet back to Tasmania.

The pilot animated short was in the theaters for only a short while before being canned by Eddie Selzer, the head of the Warner Bros. animation studio. Selzer believed Taz was too obnoxious. Later however, Jack Warner (the boss) asked about the character wondering where he had gone. He then informed Selzer that he had received several box fulls of fan mail, the people loved him. Taz was brought back and his acting career flourished.

Source: Wikipedia Read more about Tasmanian Devils

And that was your science lesson for today!! Thankfully right now Baby is sleeping peacefully somewhere around here
Sigh--she looks so sweet and innocent doesn't she?

(Don't listen to a word she says--she just isn't trained properly yet!! And I do not SMELL at any time-just wait till she walks in front of me-I will grab her leg!!))

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