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Should I or Shouldn't I

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ever since my Gremlin died I have been heartbroken and according to most who know me--not the same person. A neighbor has been at me since almost the beginning to adopt another cat--Everytime I think about it I still start to cry. I miss Gremlin so much--

Well today she emailed me to let me know the little pregnant kitty outside was trapped by a reputable cat org around here and will be taken care of--then spade and released. After that they will attempt to catch the males and alter them before they are re-released. Yes, we have been feeding them around here--and she sent along a pic of a female cat who is being fostered at the moment--I am tempted--

Here is the pic of Gremlin which I am sure you have all seen

and here is the pic of Baby (which is the little girl cats name)

They could have been brother and sister---

What should I do?

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Tammy S said...

I say you go look at Baby and see what her personality is like and how you feel when you see her. When you see Baby you will know if it's the "right" one for you. If Baby isn't the "one" keep looking, the right one is out there. :)

Glenda said...

I aree at least go look or you will always wonder what you missed out on as she is so pretty. If I where close I would think about taking her only I would have to fight with hubby as he is not a cat person at all.

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